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Beady Eye - BE
Beady Eye - BE
Отличный альбом ) рекомендую всем !..

Lana Del Ray - Born to die
Lana Del Ray - Born to die
Прекраснейший альбом. Lana молодец очень...

ZZ Top - La Futura
ZZ Top - La Futura
Первый за 9 лет альбом,а деды попрожнему способны дать. Отличный звук крутых пес..

Anathema - Distant Satellites
Anathema - Distant Satellites
Имею все альбомы начиная с Alternative 4. На данный момент кульминация творчеств..

Chemical Brothers - Surender
Chemical Brothers - Surender
Один из лучших альбомов братьев!!!! На виниле редкость!!!..




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Massive Attack - 100th Window 3LP
Massive Attack - 100th Window 3LP   «Future Proof» (вокал «3D») — 5:38 «What Your Soul Sings» (вокал O’Коннор) — 6:38 «Everywhen» (вокал Хорас Энди) — 7:39 «Special Cases» (вокал O’Коннор) — 5:09 «Butterfly Caught» (вокал «3D») — 7:34 «A Prayer for England» (вокал O’Коннор) — 5:48 «Small Time Shot Away» (вокал «3D», бэк-вокал Деймон Албарн) — 7:59 «Name Taken» (вокал Хорас Энди) — 7:49 «Antistar» (вокал «3D») — 8:17 «LP4» (скрытый инструментальный трек) — 11:23 ..
1899.00 грн.
Massive Attack - Heligoland 2LP
  Massive Attack - Heligoland 2LP    Pray for Rain (вокал: Tunde Adebimpe) Babel (вокал: Мартина Топлей-Бёрд) Splitting the Atom (вокал: Daddy G, Хорас Энди и Роберт «3D» Дель Ная) Girl I Love You (вокал: Хорас Энди) Psyche (вокал: Мартина Топлей-Бёрд) Flat of the Blade (вокал: Guy Garvey) Paradise Circus (вокал: Хоуп Сандовал) Rush Minute (вокал: Роберт «3D» Дель Ная) Saturday Come Slow (вокал: Деймон Албарн) Atlas Air (вокал: Роберт «3D» Дель Ная) ..
1190.00 грн.
Dave Matthews Band - Crash (Anniversary Edition) 2lp
1. «So Much To Say» (Мэтьюс, Питер Гризар, Бойд Тинсли) 4:06 2. «Two Step» 6:27 3. «Crash Into Me» 5:16 4. «Too Much» (Мэтьюс, Тинсли, Стефан Лессард, Лерой Мур, Картер Бьюфорд) 4:22 5. «#41» (Мэтьюс, Тинсли, Лессард, Мур, Бьюфорд) 6:39 6. «Say Goodbye» 6:12 7. «Drive In, Drive Out» 5:55 8. «Let You Down» (Мэтьюс, Лессард) 4:07 9. «Lie In Our Graves» 5:42 10. «Cry Freedom» 5:54 11. «Tripping Billies» 5:00 12. «Proudest Monkey» (Мэтьюс, Тинсли, Лессард, Мур, Бьюфорд) 9:11 68:51 ..
1290.00 грн.
Ivan Dorn (Иван Дорн) - OTD 2lp
Ivan Dorn - OTD A1. OTD A2. Groovy Shit A3. Collaba   B1. Goodbye B2. Wasted B3. Afrika   C1. Such a Bad Surprise C2. Beverly C3. Preach   D1. Hardbeat D2. YWFM D3. Trapped   ..
999.00 грн.
Jessie Ware - Glasshouse (180g) 2 LP
Jessie Ware - Glasshouse A1. Midnight  A2. Thinking About You  A3. Stay Awake, Wait For Me   B1. Your Domino  B2. Alone  B3. Selfish Love   C1. First Time  C2. Hearts  C3. Slow Me Down   D1. Finish What We Started  D2. Last Of The True Believers D3. Sam ..
899.00 грн.
Dakh Daughters - If
Dakh Daughters - If 1. Cactus (Кактус) Lyrics By – T. S. Eliot, Zo*, Tanya Hawrylyuk*   2. Lyudyna (Людина) Lyrics By – Zo*   3. If Lyrics By – Rudyard Kipling, Zo*, Павло Тичина   4. Viz'my (Візьми) Lyrics By – Сергій Жадан   5. Papirosy (Папіроси) Lyrics By – Михайль Семенко   6. Sept Verres Lyrics By – Breton folk song, Zo*   7. Oh God Lyrics By – Charles Bukowski   8. Cuba (Куба) Lyrics By – Богдан Весоловський   9. LMD Lyrics By – William Shakespeare ..
789.00 грн.
BRUTTO - Рокi 1. Рокі 2. Саботаж 3. Новый сайгон 4. Телевизор 5. Золотой петушок 6. Cambodia (укр. Камбоджа) 7. Реконструктор 8. Матрёшка 9. Чёрный обелиск 10. Папяроска 11. Середні віки 12. Годзе (укр. Досить) ..
849.00 грн.
The Maneken - Sale%
Maneken - Sale% A1. Networked Life A2. Pray For The Prey (feat. Nicole) A3. Mary A4. Overloved A5. Dancing A6. You & I   A7. It Makes Me Feel So Right (feat. Gaitana) B1. Go! (feat. Brunettes Shoot Blondes) B2. Lucky One (feat. Sophie Villy) B3. Reciever (feat. ONUKA) B4. The Recipe B5. Impulse   ..
849.00 грн.
Бумбокс (Boombox) - Люди
  Бумбокс / Boombox - Люди (Максi-сингл) 1. «Люди» 4:52 2. «Мала» 4:27 3. «Выход» 5:21 4. «Рок-н-рол» 4:51 5. «Злива» (за участі Jamala і Pianoбой) ..
849.00 грн.
Led Zeppelin - How The West Was Won (remastered) (180g) 4 LP
  1 LA Drone 2 Immigrant Song 3 Heartbreaker 4 Black Dog 5 Side B: Over The Hills And Far Away 6 What Is And What Should Never Be 7 Dancing Days 1 Since I’ve Been Loving You 2 Stairway To Heaven 3 Side D: Going To California 4 That’s The Way 5 Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 1 Dazed And Confused 2 SMoby Dick 1 Whole Lotta Love 2 Rock And Roll 3 The Ocean 4 Bring It On Home ..
3750.00 грн.
Till Brönner & Dieter Ilg - Nightfall (180g)
1 A Thousand Kisses Deep 2 The Fifth of Beethoven 3 Nightfall 4 Nobody Else but Me 5 Air 6 Scream & Shout 7 Wetterstein 8 Eleanor Rigby 9 Peng! Peng! 10 Body and Soul 11 Ach bleib mit deiner Gnade ..
869.00 грн.
Status Quo - Collected (180g) (Limited-Numbered-Edition) (Purple Vinyl)
1 Pictures of matchstick men 2 Ice in the sun 3 Are you growing tired of my love 4 Mean girl 5 Caroline 6 Roll over lay down (Live) 7 Down down 8 Rain 9 Rockin' all over the world 10 Hold you back 11 Again and again 12 Whatever you want 1 Living on an island 2 What you're proposing 3 Rock 'n roll 4 Something 'bout you baby I like 5 Ol' rag blues 6 The wanderer 7 Rollin' home 8 In the army now 9 The oriental 10 Medley:The anniversary waltz (Part 1) 11 I (Who have nothing) - The Spectres 12 Almost but not quite there - Traffic Jam ..
980.00 грн.
Buddy Guy - Bring 'Em In (180g) 2 LP
1Now you're gone 2Ninety nine and one half 3What kind of woman is this 4Somebody's sleeping in my bed 5I put a spell on you (featuring carlos santana) 6On a saturday night   1Ain't no sunshine (featuring tracy chapman) 2I've got dreams to remember (featuring john mayer) 3Lay lady lay (featuring anthony hamilton & robert randolph) 4Cheaper to keep her/blues in the night 5Cut you loose 6The price you gotta pay (featuring keith richards) 7Do your thing ..
980.00 грн.
Buddy Guy - Sweet Tea (180g) 2 LP
1Done got old 2Baby please don't leave me 3Look what all you got 4Stay all night 5Tramp 6She's got the devil in her 1I gotta try you girl 2Who's been foolin' you 3It's a jungle out there ..
980.00 грн.
A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant (180g) (Limited-Edition) (White Vinyl) 2 LP
1Eat The Elephant 2Disillusioned 3The Contrarian 4The Doomed 5So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish 6TalkTalk 7By And Down The River 8Delicious 9Dlb 10Hourglass 11Feathers 12Get The Lead Out ..
1049.00 грн.
Jack White (White Stripes) - Boarding House Reach
1Connected By Love 2Why Walk A Dog? 3Corporation 4Abulia and Akrasia 5Hypermisophoniac 6Ice Station Zebra 7Over and Over and Over 8Everything You've Ever Learned 9Respect Commander 10Ezmerelda Steals The Show 11Get In The Mind Shaft 12What's Done Is Done 13Humoresque ..
949.00 грн.
Jake Bugg - Hearts That Strain
1How Soon The Dawn 2Southern Rain 3In The Event Of My Demise 4This Time 5Waiting 6The Man On Stage 7Hearts That Strain 8Burn Alone 9Indigo Blue 10Bigger Lover 11Every Colour In The World ..
799.00 грн.
Fall Out Boy - Mania
1Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea 2The Last Of The Real Ones 3Hold Me Tight Or Don't 4Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) 5Church 6Heaven's Gate 7Champion 8Sunshine Riptide 9Young And Menace 10Bishops Knife Trick ..
969.00 грн.
Machine Head - Catharsis 2 LP
1Volatile 2Catharsis 3Beyond the Pale 4California Bleeding 5Triple Beam 6Kaleidoscope 7Bastards 8Hope Begets Hope 1Screaming At The Sun 2Behind A Mask 3Heavy Lies The Crown 4Psychotic 5Grind You Down 6Razorblade Smile 7Eulogy ..
999.00 грн.
Moby - Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt 2 LP
1. "Mere Anarchy" 5:15 2. "The Waste of Suns" 4:44 3. "Like a Motherless Child" 4:37 4. "The Last of Goodbyes" 4:23 5. "The Ceremony of Innocence" 3:56 6. "The Tired and the Hurt" 4:26 7. "Welcome to Hard Times" 5:08 8. "The Sorrow Tree" 4:28 9. "Falling Rain and Light" 4:46 10. "The Middle Is Gone" 5:13 11. "This Wild Darkness" 4:09 12. "A Dark Cloud Is Coming" 5:24 ..
949.00 грн.
David Byrne - American Utopia
1I Dance Like This 2Gasoline And Dirty Sheets 3Every Day Is A Miracle 4Dog's Mind 5This Is That 6It's Not Dark Up Here 7Bullet 8Doing The Right Thing 9Everybody's Coming To My House 10Here ..
869.00 грн.
St. Vincent - Masseduction (Pink Vinyl)
1. "Hang on Me" 2:48 2. "Pills" Clark Mark Anthony Spears Antonoff Antonoff St. Vincent John Congleton[a] 4:40 3. "Masseduction" Clark Antonoff Antonoff St. Vincent Lars Stalfors 3:17 4. "Sugarboy" Clark Antonoff   4:01 5. "Los Ageless" 4:41 6. "Happy Birthday, Johnny" Clark Antonoff   2:58 7. "Savior" Antonoff St. Vincent Congleton[a] 3:26 8. "New York" 2:34 9. "Fear the Future" Antonoff St. Vincent Congleton[a] 2:31 10. "Young Lover" Antonoff St. Vincent Stalfors 3:33 11. "Dancing with a Ghost" 0:46 12. "Slow Disco" Clark Joy Williams   2:44 13. "Smoking Section" 3:37 Total length: 41:36 ..
949.00 грн.
Rock Candy Funk Party feat. Joe Bonamassa - The Groove Cubed (180g) 2 LP
1Gothic orleans 2Drunk on bourbon on bourbon street 3In the groove 4Don't even try it 5Two guys and stanley kubrick walk into a jazz club 6Isle of the wright brothers 7Mr space 1I got the feelin' 2After hours 3This tune should run for president 4Mr funkadamus returns and he is mad 5Funk-o-potamia 6The token ballad 7Ping pong ..
889.00 грн.
Joe Satriani - What Happens Next 2 LP
1Energy 2Catbot 3Thunder high on the mountain 4Cherry blossoms 5Righteous 6Smooth soul 1Headrush 2Looper 3What happens next 4Super funky badass 5Invisible 6Forever and ever   ..
889.00 грн.
Alt-J - Relaxer LP
13WW 2In Cold Blood 3House Of The Rising Sun 4Hit Me Like That Snare 5Deadcrush 6Adeline 7Last Year 8Pleader ..
969.00 грн.
Lorde - Melodrama
  1. ««Green Light»» Лорд, Джоэл Литтл, Джек Антонофф Лорд, Антонофф, Франк Дьюкс (англ.)русск., Кук Харрелл (англ.)русск. 3:54 2. «Sober» Лорд, Антонофф Лорд, Антонофф, Malay (англ.)русск., Харрелл 3:17 3. «Homemade Dynamite» Лорд, Эбба Туве Эльса Нильссон, The Struts 3:09 4. «The Louvre» Лорд, Антонофф 4:31 5. «Liability» Лорд, Антонофф Лорд, Антонофф 2:52 6. «Hard Feelings/Loveless» Лорд, Антонофф 6:07 7. «Sober II» (Melodrama) Лорд, Антонофф 2:58 8. «Writer in the Dark» Лорд, Антонофф 3:36 9. «Supercut» Лорд, Антонофф 4:37 10. «Liability (Reprise)» Лорд, Антонофф 2:16 11. «Perfect Places» Лорд, Антонофф Лорд, Антонофф, Дьюкс, Эндрю Уайат (англ.)русск. 3:41 40:58 ..
899.00 грн.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Wrong Creatures 2 LP
1DFF 2Spook 3King Of Bones 4Haunt 5Echo 6Ninth Configuration 1Question Of Faith 2Calling Them All Away 3Little Thing Gone Wild 4Circus Bazooko 5Carried From The Start 6All Rise ..
989.00 грн.
Judas Priest - Firepower 2 LP
  1. "Firepower" 2. "Lightning Strike" 3:29 3. "Evil Never Dies" 4. "Never the Heroes" 5. "Necromancer" 6. "Children of the Sun" 7. "Guardians" 8. "Rising from Ruins" 9. "Flame Thrower" 10. "Spectre" 11. "Traitors Gate" 12. "No Surrender" 13. "Lone Wolf" 14. "Sea of Red" ..
949.00 грн.
Jimi Hendrix - Both Sides Of The Sky (180g) (Limited-Edition) 2 LP
1Mannish Boy 2Lover Man 3Hear My Train a Comin' 4Stepping Stone 5$20 Fine 6Power of Soul 7Jungle 1Things I Used To Do (ft. Johnny Winter) 2Georgia Blues (ft. Lonnie Youngblood) 3Sweet Angel (previously unreleased) 4Woodstock (ft. stephen stills) (previously unreleased) 5Send My Love To Linda (previously unreleased) 6Cherokee Mist (previously unreleased) ..
889.00 грн.
George Michael - Listen Without Prejudice 25 (remastered) (180g)
1Praying for time 2Freedom 90 3They won't go when I go 4Something to save 5Cowboys and angels 6Waiting for that day 7Mothers pride 8Heal the pain 9Soul free 10Waiting (reprise) ..
769.00 грн.
Justin Timberlake - Man Of The Woods 2 LP
1Filthy 2Midnight Summer Jam 3Sauce 4Man of the Woods 5Higher, Higher 6Wave 7Supplies 8Morning Light feat. Alicia Keys 9Say Something feat. Chris Stapleton 10Hers (Interlude) 11Flannel 12Montana 13Breeze Off the Pond 14Livin’ Off the Land 15The Hard Stuff Vie 16Young Man ..
949.00 грн.


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