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The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation
The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation
Британская электронщина. Винил то что надо...

The White Stripes - Elephant
The White Stripes - Elephant
Проблем с доставкой и самой пластинкой не было. Альбом - просто взрыв мозга! Все..

The White Stripes - Elephant
The White Stripes - Elephant
Приобрёл этот альбом. Впечатления от прослушивания не передать. Классс!..

Beady Eye - BE
Beady Eye - BE
Отличный альбом ) рекомендую всем !..

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon (remastered)
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon (remastered)
Альбом альбом от Floyd. Достойный remaster. За такие деньги, слышно всё!..




Новые мировые релизы виниловых пластинок.

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Michael Jackson - HIStory: Continues (180g) (Limited-Edition) (Picture Disc) 2 LP
Michael Jackson - History: Continues (Pictured Disc) A1. Scream A2. They Don't Care About Us A3. Stranger in Moscow A4. This Time Around   B1. Earth Song B2. D.S. B3. Money B4. Come Together   C1. You Are Not Alone C2. Childhood (Theme from "Free Willy 2") C3. Tabloid Junkie C4. 2 Bad   D1. History D2. Little Susie D3. Smile ..
1579.00 грн.
Michael Jackson - Bad (180g) (Limited-Edition) (Picture Disc)
Michael Jackson - Bad A1. Bad  A2. The Way You Make Me Feel  A3. Speed Demon  A4. Liberian Girl  A5. Just Good Friends   B1. Another Part Of Me  B2. Man In The Mirror  B3. I Just Can't Stop Loving You  B4. Dirty Diana  B5. Smooth Criminal ..
980.00 грн.
Michael Jackson - Thriller (180g) (Limited-Edition) (Picture Disc)
Michael Jackson - Thriller A1. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'       A2. Baby Be Mine       A3. The Girl Is Mine       A4. Thriller         B1. Beat It       B2. Billie Jean       B3. Human Nature       B4. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)       B5. The Lady In My Life ..
980.00 грн.
Michael Jackson - Off The Wall (180g) (Limited-Edition) (Picture Disc)
Michael Jackson - Off The Wall A1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough  A2. Rock With You  A3. Working Day And Night  A4. Get On The Floor   B1. Off The Wall  B2. Girlfriend  B3. She's Out Of My Life  B4. I Can't Help It  B5. It's The Falling In Love  B6. Burn This Disco Out ..
980.00 грн.
Воплі Відоплясова (ВВ) - Країна Мрій
Воплі Відоплясова (ВВ) - Країна Мрій   A1. Dansez A2. Шалена Зірка / Une folle etoile A3. Машина / Voiture A4. Я Підійду / Je viendrai A5. Кармен / Karmen A6. Зв'язок / Liaison A7. Легенда Про Кохання / Legende De L'Amour A8. Ліда, Ліда / Lida, Lida A9. Веселковий Твіст / Arc-en-ciel twist A10. Знову зима / C'est encore i'hiver   B1. Галелуя / Alleluia B2. Ты Ушёл / T'Es Parti B3. Олрай / All Right B4. Галю, Приходь / Highway To Hell B5. Танго / Tango B6. Колись / Jadis B7. Танці / Soiree dansante B8. Країна Мрій / Le pays des reves ..
850.00 грн.
Lenny Kravitz - 5 (180g) 2 LP
Lenny Kravitz - 5 A1. Live A2. Supersoulfighter A3. I Belong To You A4. Black Velveteen    B1. If You Can't Say No B2. Thinking Of You B3. Take Time   C1. Fly Away C2. It's Your Life C3. Straight Cold Player  C4. Little Girl's Eyes    D1. You're My Flavor  D2. Can We Find A Reason?  D3. American Woman D4.  Without You ..
1199.00 грн.
Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way (180g) 2 LP
Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way A1. Are You Gonna Go My Way A2. Believe A3. Come On And Love Me A4. Heaven Help A5. Just Be A Woman A6. Is There Any Love In Your Heart   B1. Black Girl B2. My Love B3. Sugar B4. Sister B5. Eleutheria   C1. Ascension C2. Brother C3. Heaven Help (Acoustic) C4. All My Life   D1. Someone Like You D2. Sister (Live) D3. For The First Time D4. Believe (Acoustic) ..
1199.00 грн.
Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule (180g) 2 LP
Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule 1. Sittin' On Top Of The World 2. Let Love Rule 3. Freedom Train 4. My Precious Love 5. I Build This Garden For Us 6. Fear 7. Does Anybody Out There Even Care 8. Mr. Cab Driver 9. Rosemary 10. Be ..
1199.00 грн.
Lenny Kravitz - Circus (180g) 2 LP
Lenny Kravitz - Circus A1. Rock And Roll Is Dead A2. Circus A3. Beyond The 7th Sky A4. Tunnel Vision   B1. Can't Get You Off My Mind B2. Magdalene B3. God Is Love B4. Thin Ice   C1. Don't Go And Put A Bullet In Your Head C2. In My Life Today C3. The Resurrection   D1. Another Life D2. Confused D3. Is It Me Is It You? ..
1199.00 грн.
Lenny Kravitz - Mama Said (180g) 2 LP
Lenny Kravitz - Mama Said A1. Fields Of Joy  A2. Always On The Run  A3. Stand By My Woman    B1. It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over  B2. More Than Anything In This World  B3. What Goes Around Comes Around    C1. The Difference Is Why  C2. Stop Draggin' Around C3. Flowers For Zoë  C4. Fields Of Joy (Reprise)   D1. All I Ever Wanted D2. When The Morning Turns To Night D3. What The .... Are We Saying? D4. Butterfly ..
1199.00 грн.
Emigrate - A Million Degrees (180g) (Limited-Edition)
1 War 2 1234 feat. Benjamin Kowalewicz 3 A Million Degrees 4 Lead You On feat. Margaux Bossieux 5 You Are So Beautiful 6 Hide and Seek 7 We Are Together 8 Let’s Go feat. Till Lindemann 9 I’m Not Afraid feat. Cardinal Copia 10 Spitfire 11 Eyes Fade Away ..
920.00 грн.
Zaz - Effet Miroir (180g) (Turquoise Vinyl) 2 LP
1 Demain c'est toi 2 Qué vendrá 3 On s'en remet jamais 4 J'aime j'aime 5 Mes souvenirs de toi 6 Toute ma vie 7 Je parle 8 Résigne-moi 1 Ma valse 2 Si c'était à refaire 3 Pourquoi tu joues faux 4 Plume 5 Nos vies 6 Saint-Valentin 7 Laponie ..
989.00 грн.
Massive Attack - Mezzanine (Limited-Super-Deluxe-Vinyl-Box) (Colored Vinyl) (Remastered) 3 LP
  1 Angel (Remastered 2018) 2 Risingson (Remastered 2018) 3 Teardrop (Remastered 2018) 4 Inertia Creeps (Remastered 2018) 5 Exchange (Remastered 2018) 6 Dissolved Girl (Remastered 2018) 1 Man Next Door (Remastered 2018) 2 Black Milk (Remastered 2018) 3 Mezzanine (Remastered 2018) 4 Group Four (Remastered 2018) 5 (Exchange) (Remastered 2018) 1 Metal Banshee (Mad Prof Mix) 2 Angel (Angel Dust) 3 Teardrop (Mazaruni Dub One) 4 Inertia Creeps (Floating On Dubwise) 5 Risingson (Setting Sun Dub Two) 6 Exchange (Mountain Steppers Dub) 7 Wire (Leaping Dub) 8 Group Four (Security Forces Dub) ..
3470.00 грн.
Frank Sinatra - Ultimate Sinatra (180g) (Limited Edition) 2 LP
1 All Or Nothing At All (78rpm Version) 2 I'll Never Smile Again 3 Saturday Night (Is The Lonliest Night Of The Week) (78rpm Version) 4 Nancy (With The Laughing Face) (78rpm Version) 5 I've Got The World On A String (Remastered 2000) 6 Young At Heart (Remastered 2000) 7 In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (Remastered 1998) 8 Learnin' The Blues (Remastered 2009) 9 Love And Marriage (Remastered 2009) 10 I've Got You Under My Skin (Remastered 1998) 11 Witchcraft (Remastered 2000) 12 All The Way (Remastered 2000) 1 Come Fly With Me (Remastered 1998) 2 One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) (Remastered 1998) 3 The Way You Look Tonight (Remastered 2008) 4 My Kind Of Town (Remastered 2008) 5 Fly Me To The Moon (Remastered 2008) 6 It Was A Very Goo..
1199.00 грн.
Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim (180g)
The Girl From Ipanema (Gârota De Ipanema) 3:00 Dindi 3:25 Change Partners 2:40 Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) 2:45 Meditation (Meditacào) 2:51 If You Never Come To Me 2:10 How Insensitive (Insensatez) 3:15 I Concentrate On You 2:32 Baubles, Bangles And Beads 2:32 Once I Loved (O Amor En Paz) ..
889.00 грн.
Metallica - Kill 'em All (remastered)
Metallica - Kill 'Em All A1. Hit The Lights A2. The Four Horsemen A3. Motorbreath A4. Jump In The Fire A5. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth A6. Whiplash   B1. Phantom Lord  B2. No Remorse  B3. Seek & Destroy B4. Metal Militia ..
889.00 грн.
INXS - The Very Best (180g) 2 LP
Inxs - The Very Best A1 Need You Tonight A2 Mystify  A3 Suicide Blonde  A4 Taste It  A5 Original Sin    B1 Heaven Sent  B2 Disappear  B3 Never Tear Us Apart  B4 The Gift  B5 Devil Inside   C1 Beautiful Girl  C2 By My Side  C3 Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)  C4 Elegantly Wasted C5 New Sensation    D1 What You Need  D2 Listen Like Thieves  D3 Just Keep Walking  D4 Bitter Tears  D5 Baby Don't Cry  ..
1199.00 грн.
Goran Bregovic - Le Temps Des Gitans (O.S.T.)
A1. Ederlezi (Scena Durdevdana Na Rijeci)  A2. Scena Pojavljivanja Majke (Scène De L'Apparition De La Mère) A3. Scena Perhanove Pogibije (Scène Du Meurtre De Perhan) A4. Kustino Oro (Ronde Populaire De Kustin) A5. Borino Oro (Ronde Populaire De Boro)    B1. Glavna Tema (B.O.F. Kuduz)  B2. Tango (B.O.F. Kuduz)  B3. Pjesma (Chant) B4. Talijanska (L'Italienne) B5. Ederlezi ..
889.00 грн.
Goran Bregovic - Underground (O.S.T.)
  Kalašnjikov (cf. Kalashnikov) Ausência (feat. Cesária Évora) Mesečina / Moonlight Ya Ya (Ringe Ringe Raja) Cajesukarije-Čoček Wedding‐Čoček War Underground‐Čoček Underground Tango The Belly Button of the World Sheva ..
889.00 грн.
Goran Bregovic - Arizona Dream (O.S.T.)
1. "In the Deathcar" Iggy Pop 5:13 2. "Dreams" 3:34 3. "Old Home Movie" 5:04 4. "TV Screen" Iggy Pop 5:19 5. "7/8 & 11/8" 4:52 6. "Get the Money" Iggy Pop 4:52 7. "Gunpowder" 4:46 8. "Gypsy Reggae" 3:03 9. "Death" 5:13 10. "This Is a Film" Emir Kusturica 4:14 ..
889.00 грн.
Muse - Simulation Theory
Muse - Simulation Theory A1. Algorithm A2. The Dark Side A3. Pressure A4. Propaganda A5. Break It To Me A6. Something Human   B1. Thought Contagion B2. Get Up and Fight B3. Blockades B4. Dig Down B5. The Void ..
849.00 грн.
Twenty One Pilots - Trench 2lp (Olive vinyl limited)
Twenty One Pilots - Trench (Olive vinyl limited) A1. Jumpsuit  A2. Levitate  A3. Morph  A4. My Blood    B1. Chlorine  B2. Smithereens  B3. Neon Gravestones    C1. The Hype  C2. Nico And The Niners  C3. Cut My Lip  C4. Bandito    D1. Pet Cheetah  D2. Legend  D3. Leave The City ..
989.00 грн.
ONUKA - Mozaika
750.00 грн.
Bee Gees - Timeless - The All-Time Greatest Hits (180g) 2 LP
1Spicks And Specks 2New York Mining Disaster 1941 3To Love Somebody 4Massachusetts (Stereo Version) 5Words 6I've Gotta Get A Message To You 7I Started A Joke 8Lonely Days 9How Can You Mend A Broken Heart 10Jive Talkin' (From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack) 11Nights On Broadway   1Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) 2You Should Be Dancing (Edit / From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack) 3How Deep Is Your Love (From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack) 4Stayin' Alive (From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack) 5Night Fever (From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack) 6More Than A Woman (From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack) 7Too Much Heaven 8Tragedy 9Love You Inside Out 10You Win Again ..
989.00 грн.
Thom Yorke - Suspiria - Music For The Luca Guadagnino Film (Pink Vinyl) 2 LP
1A Storm That Took Everything 2The Hooks 3Suspirium 4Belongings Thrown in a River 5Has Ended 6Klemperer Walks 7Open Again 8Sabbath Incantation 9The Inevitable Pull 10Olga’s Destruction (Volk tape) 11The Conjuring of Anke 12A Light Green 13Unmade 14The Jumps   1Volk 2The Universe is Indifferent 3The Balance of Things 4A Soft Hand Across your Face 5Suspirium Finale 6A Choir of One 7Synthesizer Speaks 8The Room of Compartments 9An Audition 10Voiceless Terror 11The Epilogue ..
1138.00 грн.
Eric Clapton - Happy Xmas (45 RPM) 2 LP
1White Xmas 2Away In A Manger (Once In Royal David's City) 3For Love On Xmas Day 4Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday 5Xmas Tears 6Home For The Holidays 7Jingle Bells   1Xmas In My Hometown 2It's Xmas 3Sentimental Moments 4Lonesome Xmas 5Silent Night 6Merry Xmas Baby 7Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas ..
989.00 грн.
Dead Can Dance - Dionysus
1Sea Borne (Act I) 2Liberator Of Minds (Act I) 3Dance Of The Bacchantes (Act I) 4The Mountain (Act II) 5The Invocation (Act II) 6The Forest (Act II) 7Psychopomp (Act II) ..
899.00 грн.
Slash - Living The Dream (180g) Red vinyl 2 LPs
Tracklisting: 1 The Call Of The Wild 2 Serve You Right 3 My Antidote 4 Mind Your Manners 5 Lost Inside The Girl 6 Read Between The Lines   1 Slow Grind 2 The One You Loved Is Gone 3 Driving Rain 4 Sugar Cane 5 The Great Pretender 6 Boulevard Of Broken Hearts ..
789.00 грн.


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