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Arctic Monkeys - AM
Arctic Monkeys - AM
Arctic Monkeys выдали наверняка достойный альбом...

The Roots - Rising down
The Roots - Rising down
Вряд ли погрешу против истины, если скажу, что The Roots - самая живучая, неуемн..

Pink Floyd - The Wall
Pink Floyd - The Wall
Стена есть стена. На вес золота...

Chemical Brothers - Surender
Chemical Brothers - Surender
Один из лучших альбомов братьев!!!! На виниле редкость!!!..

Depeche Mode - Ultra (remastered)
Depeche Mode - Ultra (remastered)
Классика 90-х!!!! Депеш в расцвете сил!!!..




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Youn Sun Nah - She Moves On (180g)
Jamie Saft, Brad Jones, Dan Rieser, Marc Ribot   1.Traveller 2.Teach The Gifted Children 3.Too Late 4.She Moves On 5.No Other Name 6.The Dawntreader 7.Drifting 8.Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair 9.Fools Rush In 10.Evening Star ..
769.00 грн.
1.Pretty noose 2.Rhinosaur 3.Zero chance 4.Dusty 5.Ty cobb 6.Blow up the outside world 7.Burden in my hand 8.Never named   1.Applebite 2.Never the machine forever 3.Tighter & tighter 4.No attention 5.Switch opens 6.Overfloater 7.An unkind 8.Boot camp ..
989.00 грн.
Accept - The Rise Of Chaos 2 LP
1.Die by the Sword 2.Hole in the Head 3.The Rise of Chaos 4.Koolaid 5.No Regrets   1.Analog Man 2.What's Done is Done 3.Worlds Colliding 4.Carry the Weight 5.Race to Extinction ..
899.00 грн.
Stone Sour - Hydrograd (Colored Vinyl) 3 LP
1.Ysif 2.Taipei Person/Allah Tea 3.Knievel Has Landed 4.Hydrograd 5.Song #3 6.Fabuless 7.The Witness Trees 8.Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)   1.Thank God It's Over 2.St. Marie 3.Mercy 4.Whiplash Pants 5.Friday Knights 6.Somebody Stole My Eyes 7.When The Fever Broke ..
1589.00 грн.
Alice Cooper - Paranormal (180g) 2LP, 1CD
1.Paranormal 2.Dead flies 3.Fireball 4.Paranoiac personality 5.Fallen in love 6.Dynamite road 1.Private public breakdown   2.Holy water 3.Rats 4.You and all of your friends 5.Genuine american girl 6.The sound of a ..
799.00 грн.
Modern Talking - Back For Gold
1 Brother Louie (New Version 2017 ) 3:20 2 You're My Heart You're My Soul (New Version 2017) 3:31 3 Cheri Cheri Lady (New Version 2017 ) 3:41 4 You Can Win If You Want (New Version 2017) 3:25 5 Atlantis Is Calling (New Version 2017) 3:12 6 Geronimo's Cadillac (New Version 2017) 3:22 7 Modern Talking Pop Titan Megamix 2k17 (Full Long Version Outro) 8:19 8 Brother Louie 3:41 9 You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Extended-Version) 5:36 10 Cheri Cheri Lady 3:45 11 You Can Win If You Want 3:42 12 Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love) 3:48 13 Win The Race (Scooter Remix)Remix – Scooter4:43 14 Shooting Star 4:10 15 Juliet (Jeo's-Remix) 5:06 16 Modern Talking Pop Titan Megamix 2k17 (3-Track DJ Promo Outro) 5:40 17 Modern Talking Pop Titan Megamix 2k17 (Chorus Short Mix Outro) 4:38 ..
749.00 грн.
Groove Armada - Vertigo
1.Chicago 2.Whatever, whenever (ft. american gypsy) 3.Dusk you & me (ft. the platters) 4.If everybody looked the same (ft. chi-lites, a tribe called 5.Serve chilled 6.Pre 63   1.I see you baby (ft. gram'ma funk) 2.At the river 3.Your song 4.In my bones (ft. alexander robotnick) 5.A private interlude 6.Inside my mind (blue skies) (ft. dick haymes) ..
849.00 грн.
Queens Of The Stone Age - Villains 2 LP
1.Feet Don't Fail Me 2.The Way You Used To Do 3.Domesticated Animals 4.Fortress 5.Head Like A Haunted House 6.Un-Reborn Again 7.Hideaway 8.The Evil Has Landed 9.Villains Of Circumstance ..
925.00 грн.
Gov't Mule - Revolution Come... Revolution Go (180g) 2 LP
1.Stone Cold Rage 2.Drawn That Way 3.Dreams & Songs 4.The Man I Want To Be 5.Traveling Tune 6.Thorns Of Life   1.Pressure Under Fire 2.Easy Times 3.Burning Point 4.Sarah, Surrender 5.Revolution Come, Revolution Go 6.Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground (Vinyl Version) ..
999.00 грн.
Wolfgang Haffner - Zooming (180g) (Limited-Edition)
1.Zooming 2.The Day Before Yesterday 3.Trip 4.Somewhere Else 5.Facing West 6.Metropolis 7.Shape Of Peace 8.Momo's Dance ..
849.00 грн.
Boney M. - Nightflight To Venus
  1.Nightflight to Venus 2.Rasputin 3.Painter Man 4.He Was a Steppenwolf 5.King of the Road 6.Rivers of Babylon 7.Voodoonight 8.Brown Girl in the Ring 9.Never Change Lovers in the Middle of the Night 10.Heart of Gold ..
679.00 грн.
Boney M. - Love For Sale
1.Ma Baker 2.Love for Sale 3.Belfast 4.Have You Ever Seen the Rain 5.Gloria, Can You Waddle 6.Plantation Boy 7.Motherless Child 8.Silent Lover 9.A Woman Can Change a Man 10.Still I'm Sad' ..
679.00 грн.
Boney M. - Take The Heat Off Me
1.Daddy Cool 2.Take the Heat off Me 3.Sunny 4.Baby Do You Wanna Bump 5.No Woman No Cry 6.Fever 7.Got a Man on My Mind 8.Lovin' or Leavin ..
679.00 грн.
Steven Wilson - To The Bone (180g) 2 LP
  1.To the bone 2.Nowhere now 3.Pariah 4.The same asylum 5.Refuge 6.Permanating 7.Blank tapes 8.People who eat darkness 9.Song of i 10.Detonation 11.Song of unborn ..
950.00 грн.
Avishai Cohen - Cross My Palm With Silver (180g)
1."Will I Die, Miss? Will I Die?" 2.Theme For Jimmy Greene 3.340 Down 4.Shoot Me In The Leg 5.50 Years And Counting ..
739.00 грн.
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Lovely Creatures: The Best Of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (180g) 3 LP
Side A Loverman Tupelo Deanna From Her To Eternity   Side B The Weeping Song Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! People Ain’t No Good   Side C Higgs Boson Blues Straight To You Where The Wild Rose Grow   Side D Into My Arms Love Letter Red Right Hand The Mercy Seat   Side E O Children The Ship Song Stranger Than Kindness   Side F Jubilee Street Nature Boy We No Who U R Stagger Lee   ..
879.00 грн.
Radiohead - Ok Computer Oknotok 1997-2017 3 LP
1.Airbag (Remastered) 2.Paranoid Android (Remastered) 3.Subterranean Homesick Alien (Remastered) 4.Exit Music (For a Film) (Remastered) 5.Let Down (Remastered) 6.Karma Police (Remastered)   1.Fitter Happier (Remastered) 2.Electioneering (Remastered) 3.Climbing Up The Walls (Remastered) 4.No Surprises (Remastered) 5.Lucky (Remastered) 6.The Tourist (Remastered)   1.I Promise 2.Man of War 3.Lift 4.Lull (Remastered) 5.Meeting in the Aisle (Remastered) 6.Melatonin (Remastered) 7.A Reminder (Remastered) 8.Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2) (Remastered) 9.Pearly* (Remastered) 10.Palo Alto (Remastered) 11.How I Made My Millions (Remastered) ..
1879.00 грн.
Anathema - The Optimist (Limited-Edition) 2 LP
1.32.63n 117.14w 2.Leaving it behind 3.Endless ways 4.The optimist 5.San francisco 6.Springfield 7.Ghosts 8.T let go 9.Close your eyes 10.Wildfires 11.Back to the start ..
890.00 грн.
Peter Gabriel - Long Walk Home 2 LP
1.Jigalong (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 2.Stealing The Children (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 3.Unlocking The Door (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 4.The Tracker (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 5.Running To The Rain (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 6.On The Map (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 7.A Sense Of Home (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 8.Go Away Mr Evans (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 9.Moodoo's Secret (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 10.Gracie's Recapture (2016 Half Speed Mastered)   1.Crossing The Salt Pan (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 2.The Return (Parts 1, 2 & 3) (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 3.Ngankarrparni (Sky Blue Reprise / 2016 Half Speed Mastered) 4.The Rabbit-Proof Fence (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 5.Cloudless (2016 Half Speed Mastered) ..
1450.00 грн.
Peter Gabriel - Birdy 2 LP
1.At Night (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 2.Floating Dogs (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 3.Quiet And Alone (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 4.Close-Up (From Family Snapshot / 2016 Half Speed Mastered) 5.Slow Water (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 6.Dressing The Wound (2016 Half Speed Mastered)   1.Birdy's Flight (From Not One Of Us / 2016 Half Speed Mastered) 2.Slow Marimbas (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 3.The Heat (From Rhythm Of The Heat / 2016 Half Speed Mastered) 4.Sketchpad With Trumpet And Voice (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 5.Under Lock And Key (From Wallflower / 2016 Half Speed Mastered) 6.Powerhouse At The Foot Of The Moutain (From San Jacinto / 2016 Half Speed Mastered) ..
1450.00 грн.
Peter Gabriel - Passion 3 LP
1.The Feeling Begins (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 2.Gethsemane (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 3.Of These, Hope (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 4.Lazarus Raised (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 5.Of These, Hope (Reprise / 2016 Half Speed Mastered) 6.In Doubt (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 7.A Different Drum (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 8.Zaar (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 9.Troubled (2016 Half Speed Mastered)   1.Open (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 2.Before Night Falls (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 3.With This Love (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 4.Sandstorm (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 5.Stigmata (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 6.Passion (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 7.With This Love (Choir / 2016 Half Speed Mastered) 8.Wall Of Breath (2016 Half Speed Mastered)   1.The Promise Of Shadows (2016 Half Speed Mastered) 2.Disturbed (2016 Half Speed ..
2200.00 грн.
Michael Jackson - Thriller
1.Wanna be startin' somethin' 2.Baby be mine 3.The girl is mine ft. Paul McCartney 4.Thriller 5.Beat it 6.Billy Jean 7.Human nature 8.P.y.t. (pretty young thing) 9.The lady in my life ..
860.00 грн.
«Travelin' Alone» (Мелвин Джексон) — 3:57 «Rockin' Chair» (Оуги Кармайкл) — 4:04 «River Runs Deep» (Джон У. Кейл) — 5:53 «Judgement Day» (Снуки Прайор) — 3:13 «How Deep Is the Ocean» (Ирвинг Берлин) — 5:29 «My Very Good Friend the Milkman» (Джонни Берк/Харольд Спайна) — 3:21 «Can't Hold Out Much Longer» (Уолтер Джекобс) — 4:09 «That's No Way to Get Along» (Роберт Уилкинс) — 6:08 «Everything Will Be Alright» (Джон У. Кейл) — 3:52 «Diamonds Made from Rain» (Дойл Брэмхол второй/Джастин Стэнли/Никка Коста) — 4:23 «When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful» (Харри Вудс) — 2:51 «Hard Times Blues» (Лэйн Хардин) — 3:45 «Run Back to Your Side» (Клэптон/Дойл Брэмхол второй) — 5:18 «Autumn Leaves» (Жозеф Косма/Джонни Мерсер/Жак Превер) — 5:41 ..
990.00 грн.
1. «Right Next Door to Hell» Эксл Роуз, Иззи Стрэдлин, Timo Caltia 3:02 2. «Dust N' Bones» Иззи Стрэдлин, Дафф Маккаган, Слэш 4:58 3. «Live and Let Die» (Paul McCartney & Wings (cover version)) Пол Маккартни, Линда Маккартни 3:04 4. «Don't Cry» (оригинальная версия) Иззи Стрэдлин, Эксл Роуз 4:44 5. «Perfect Crime» Слэш, Иззи Стрэдлин, Эксл Роуз 2:24 6. «You Ain't the First» Иззи Стрэдлин 2:36 7. «Bad Obsession» Иззи Стрэдлин, Уэст Аркин 5:28 8. «Back Off Bitch» Эксл Роуз, Paul Huge 5:04 9. «Double Talkin' Jive» Иззи Стрэдлин 3:24 10. «November Rain» Эксл Роуз 8:57 11. «The Garden» (featuring Элис Купер & Шэннон Хун) Эксл Роуз, Аркин, Del James 5:22 12. «Garden of Eden» Слэш, Эксл Роуз 2:42 13. «Don't Damn Me» Слэш, Dave Lank, Эксл Роуз 5:19 14. «Bad Apples» Слэш, Дафф Маккаган, Иззи Стрэдлин, Эксл Роуз 4:28 15. «Dead Hors..
890.00 грн.
The Who - My Generation
  «Out in the Street» — 2:31 «I Don’t Mind» (Джеймс Браун) — 2:36 «The Good's Gone» — 4:02 «La-La-La-Lies» — 2:17 «Much Too Much» — 2:47 «My Generation» — 3:18   «The Kids Are Alright» — 3:04 «Please, Please, Please» (Джеймс Браун, Джон Терри) — 2:45 «It’s Not True» — 2:31 «I’m a Man» (Бо Диддли) — 3:21 «A Legal Matter» — 2:48 «The Ox» (Таунсенд, Мун, Энтвисл, Ники Хопкинс) — 3:50 ..
620.00 грн.
The Who - Who's Next
1.Baba O'riley 2.Bargain 3.Love Ain't For Keeping 4.My Wife 5.Song Is Over 6.Getting In Tune 7.Going Mobile 8.Behind Blue Eyes 9.Won't Get Fooled Again ..
620.00 грн.
Blur - Parklife (180g) 2 LP
1.Girls & Boys 2.Tracy Jacks 3.End of a Century 4.Parklife 5.Bank Holiday 6.Badhead 7.The Debt Collector 8.Far Out 9.To the End 10.London Loves 11.Trouble in the Message Centre 12.Clover Over Dover 13.Magic America 14.Jubilee 15.This Is a Low 16.Lot 105 ..
720.00 грн.
Blur - Leisure (25th Anniversary)
1.She's So High 2.Bang 3.Slow Down 4.Repetition 5.Bad Day 6.Sing 7.There's No Other Way 8.Fool 9.Come Together 10.High Cool 11.Birthday 12.Wear Me Down ..
680.00 грн.
AIR - 10000 HZ LEGEND 2 LP
  1.Electronic performers 2.How does it make you feel? 3.Radio #1 4.The vagabond 5.Radian 6.Lucky and unhappy   1.Sex born poison 2.People in the city 3.Wonder milky bitch 4.Don't be light 5.Caramel prisoner ..
750.00 грн.
Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark?
1.How Did We Get So Dark? 2.Lights Out 3.I Only Lie When I Love You 4.She's Creeping 5.Look Like You Know 6.Where Are You Now? 7.Don't Tell 8.Hook, Line & Sinker 9.Hole In Your Heart 10.Sleep ..
690.00 грн.


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