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Pink Floyd - The Endless River
Pink Floyd - The Endless River
Заказал. Жду Жду Жду. Уверен в качестве качества...

Головка ORTOFON 2M Blue
Головка ORTOFON 2M Blue
Прекрасная головка! Плотный бас. Хорошая средина. То что я искал! Спасибо!..

The Verve - Urban Hymns
The Verve - Urban Hymns
Какого года это издание? номер каталога какой?..

David Bowie - The Next Day
David Bowie - The Next Day
Двадцать четвёртый студийный альбом Боуи, изданный 8 марта 2013 года на собствен..

The White Stripes - Elephant
The White Stripes - Elephant
Проблем с доставкой и самой пластинкой не было. Альбом - просто взрыв мозга! Все..




Блюз (от англ. Blues или Blue Devils — тоска, печаль) — музыкальная форма и музыкальный жанр, зародившиеся в конце XIX века в афроамериканском сообществе Юго-востока США, в среде выходцев с плантаций «Хлопкового пояса». Является (наряду с рэгтаймом, ранним джазом, хип-хопом и др.) одним из наиболее влиятельных вкладов афроамериканцев в мировую музыкальную культуру[источник не указан 102 дня]. Впервые термин использовал Джордж Колман в одноактном фарсе «Blue Devils» (1798). С тех пор в литературных произведениях фразу англ. «Blue Devils» часто используют для описания подавленного настроения. Блюз сложился из таких её проявлений, как «рабочая песня», холлер (ритмичные выкрики, сопровождавшие работу в поле), выкрики в ритуалах африканских религиозных культов (англ. (ring) shout), спиричуэлс (христианские песнопения), шант и баллады (короткие стихотворные истории). Во многом повлиял на современную популярную музыку, в особенности таких жанров как «поп», «джаз», «рок-н-ролл» «соул».

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Blues Company - With A Little Help... (180g) 2 LP
1. Blow Jay Blow (4:31) 2. Look Here Baby (3:16) 3. Silent Nite (5:57) 4. Comin' Home, Baby (6:30) 5. Blues Is My Middle Name (3:24) 6. Move On Down The Line (8:22) 7. Dance All Nite (3:33) 8. She's Gone (4:40) 9. Drinkin' Blues (5:42) 10. I M Scared To Move (5:02) 11. Bad Dreams (3:40) 12. Cry For Me (4:06) 13. Things Won T Be The Same (3:49) 14. Pension Blues (5:00) 15. Ev'ryday I Have The Blues (5:55)   ..
979.00 грн.
Taj Mahal & Keb' Mo' - TajMo
A1 Don't Leave Me Here 4:10 A2 She Knows How To Rock Me 2:40 A3 All Around The World 3:22 A4 That's Who I Am 3:45 A5 Shake Me In Your Arms 3:38 A6 Waiting On The World To Change 2:43 B1 Ain't Nobody Talkin' 4:00 B2 Diving Duck Blues 4:28 B3 Squeeze Box 3:16 B4 Soul 5:06 B5 Om Sweet Om Backing Vocals – Lizz Wright 3:36 ..
969.00 грн.
Ten Years After - A Sting In The Tale (180g)
SIDE A 1. LAND OF THE VANDALS 2. IRON HORSE 3. MISS CONSTABLE 4. UP IN SMOKE 5. RETIRED HURT 6. SURANNE SURANNE SIDE B 1. STONED ALONE 2. TWO LOST SOULS 3. DIAMOND GIRL 4. LAST NIGHT OF THE BOTTLE 5. GUITAR HERO 6. SILVERSPOON LADY In 1967 four young musicians from Nottinghamshire, England formed Ten Years After. Alvin Lee, Chick Churchill, Ric Lee & Leo Lyons became one of the most explosive quartets on the world stage and cemented themselves as one of the biggest bands in Rock n Roll history.   The band scored eight Top 40 albums on the UK Albums Chart and twelve multimillion selling albums on the US Billboard 200 between 1967 and 1974.   In 2014 founder members Ric Lee and Chick Churchill put Ten Years After back together with a new lineup. This new and exciting lineup features British Bass icon ..
989.00 грн.
Jonny - Lang Signs (180g)
1.Make it move 2.Snakes 3.Last man standing 4.Signs 5.What you're made of 6.Bitter end 7.Stronger together 8.Into the light 9.Bring me back home 10.Wisdom 11.Singing songs ..
789.00 грн.
George Thorogood - Party Of One
 1. I'm a Steady Rollin' Man   2. Soft Spot   3. Tallahassee Women   4. Wang Dang Doodle   5. Boogie Chillen   6. No Expectations   7. Bad News   8. Down the Highway   9. Got to Move   10. Born With the Blues   11. The Sky Is Crying   12. The Hookers (If You Miss 'Im...I Got 'Im)   13. Pictures From Life's Other Side   14. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (Live from Rockline)   15. Dynaflow Blues ..
869.00 грн.
Gov't Mule - Revolution Come... Revolution Go (180g) 2 LP
1.Stone Cold Rage 2.Drawn That Way 3.Dreams & Songs 4.The Man I Want To Be 5.Traveling Tune 6.Thorns Of Life   1.Pressure Under Fire 2.Easy Times 3.Burning Point 4.Sarah, Surrender 5.Revolution Come, Revolution Go 6.Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground (Vinyl Version) ..
999.00 грн.
«Travelin' Alone» (Мелвин Джексон) — 3:57 «Rockin' Chair» (Оуги Кармайкл) — 4:04 «River Runs Deep» (Джон У. Кейл) — 5:53 «Judgement Day» (Снуки Прайор) — 3:13 «How Deep Is the Ocean» (Ирвинг Берлин) — 5:29 «My Very Good Friend the Milkman» (Джонни Берк/Харольд Спайна) — 3:21 «Can't Hold Out Much Longer» (Уолтер Джекобс) — 4:09 «That's No Way to Get Along» (Роберт Уилкинс) — 6:08 «Everything Will Be Alright» (Джон У. Кейл) — 3:52 «Diamonds Made from Rain» (Дойл Брэмхол второй/Джастин Стэнли/Никка Коста) — 4:23 «When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful» (Харри Вудс) — 2:51 «Hard Times Blues» (Лэйн Хардин) — 3:45 «Run Back to Your Side» (Клэптон/Дойл Брэмхол второй) — 5:18 «Autumn Leaves» (Жозеф Косма/Джонни Мерсер/Жак Превер) — 5:41 ..
690.00 грн.
Dan Auerbach - Waiting on a song
01 Waiting On A Song 02 Malibu Man 03 Livin' In Sin 04 Shine On Me 05 King Of A One Horse Town 06 Never In My Wildest Dreams 07 Cherrybomb 08 Stand By My Girl 09 Undertow 10 Show Me ..
790.00 грн.
Bob Dylan - Triplicate 3 LP
1.I guess i'll have to change my plans 2.September of my years 3.I could have told you 4.Once upon a time 5.Stormy weather 6.This nearly was mine 7.That old feeling 8.It gets lonely early 9.My one and only love 10.Trade winds   1.Braggin' 2.As time goes by 3.Imagination 4.How deep is the ocean 5.P.s. i love you 6.The best is yet to come 7.But beautiful 8.Here's that rainy day 9.Where is the one 10.There's a flaw in my flue   1.Day in, day out 2.I couldn't sleep a wink last night 3.Sentimental journey 4.Somewhere along the way 5.When the world was young 6.These foolish things 7.You go to my head 8.Stardust 9.It's funny to everyone but me 10.Why was i born   ..
1450.00 грн.
Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters & Bo Diddley (Light Orange Opaque Vinyl, limited)  - The Super Super Blues Band
1.Long Distance Call 2.Medley: Ooh Baby & Wrecking My Love Life 3.Sweet Little Angel 4.Spoonful 5.Diddley Daddy 6.The Red Rooster 7.Goin' Down Slow   ..
1150.00 грн.
TOM WAITS - Swordfishtrombones
1.Underground 2.Shore Leave 3.Dave The Butcher (Instrumental) 4.Johnsburg, Illinois 5.16 Shells From A 30.6 6.Town With No Cheer 7.In The Neighbourhood 8.Just Another Sucker On The Vine (Instrumental) 9.Frank's Wild Years 10.Swordfishtrombone 11.Down, Down, Down 12.Soldier's Things 13.Gin Soaked Boy 14.Trouble's Braids 15.Rainbirds (Instrumental) ..
730.00 грн.
Led Zeppelin - The Complete BBC Sessions (remastered) (180g) (Limited-Edition-Box-Set) 5 LP
1.You Shook Me (Top Gear) 2.I Can't Quit You Baby (Top Gear) 3.Communication Breakdown (Chris Grant’sTasty Pop Sundae) 4.Dazed And Confused (Top Gear) 5.The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair (Chris Grant’s Tasty Pop Sundae) 6.What Is And What Should Never Be (Top Gear) 7.Communication Breakdown (Top Gear) 8.Travelling Riverside Blues (Top Gear)   1.Whole Lotta Love (Top Gear) 2.Somethin’ Else (Chris Grant’sTasty Pop Sundae) 3.Communication Breakdown (One Night Stand) 4.I Can't Quit You Baby (One Night Stand) 5.You Shook Me (One Night Stand) 6.How Many More Times (One Night Stand)   1.Immigrant Song (In Concert) 2.Heartbreaker (In Concert) 3.Since I've Been Loving You (In Concert) 4.Black Dog (In Concert) 5.Dazed And Confused (In Concert)   1.Stairway To Heaven (In Concert) ..
2500.00 грн.
The Rolling Stones - Blue And Lonesome 2 LP
1. Just Your Fool 2. Commit A Crime 3. Blue And Lonesome 4. All Of Your Love 5. I Gotta Go 6. Everybody Knows About My Good Thing 7. Ride ‘Em On Down 8. Hate To See You Go 9. Hoo Doo Blues 10. Little Rain 11. Just Like I Treat You 12. I Can’t Quit You Baby ..
789.00 грн.
Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker
1.You Want It Darker 2.Treaty 3.On the Level 4.Leaving the Table 5.If I Didn't Have Your Love 6.Traveling Light 7.Seemed the Better Way 8.Steer Your Way 9.String Reprise/ Treaty ..
769.00 грн.
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain (Colored Vinyl)
1.Maggot brain 2.Can you get to that 3.Hit it and quit it 4.You and your folks, me and my folks 5.Super stupid 6.Back in our minds 7.Wars of armageddon   ..
679.00 грн.
Blues Pills: Lady In Gold (Limited Edition) (Green Vinyl)
1.Lady in Gold 2.Little Boy Preacher 3.Burned Out 4.I Felt a Change 5.Gone so Long 6.Bad Talkers 7.You Gotta Try 8.Won't Go Back 9.Rejection 10.Elements and Things ..
779.00 грн.
Buddy Guy: First Time I Met The Blues (1958-1963 Recordings) (180g) (Limited Edition)
1.Baby Don`t You Wanna Come Home 2.Try To Quit You, Baby 3.First Time I Met The Blues 4.When My Left Eye Jumps 5.Slop Around 6.Let Me Love You Baby 7.Hully Gully 8.Watch Yourself 9.Hard But It`s Fair 10.I Got My Eyes On You 11.Ten Years Ago 12.The Treasure Untold 13.American Bandstand 14.You Sure Can`t Do 15.Baby (Baby, Baby, Baby) 16.Too Many Cooks 17.This Is The End ..
779.00 грн.
Charles Bradley: Changes
1.God bless america 2.Good to be back home 3.Nobody but you 4.Ain'tgonna give it up 5.Changes 6.Ain't it a sin 7.Things we do for love 8.Crazy for your love 9.You think i don't know (but i know) 10.Change for the world 11.Slow love ..
649.00 грн.
Tom Waits: Real Gone
1.Top of the hill 2.Hoist that rag 3.Sins of my father 4.Shake it 5.Don't get into that barn 6.How's it gonna end 7.Metropolitan glide 8.Dead and lovely 9.Circus 10.Trampled rose 11.Green grass 12.Baby gonna leave me 13.Clang boom steam 14.Make it rain 15.Day after tomorrow ..
779.00 грн.
Tom Waits: Blood Money
MADE IN USA!!   1.Misery is the river of the world 2.Everything goes to hell 3.Coney Island baby 4.All the world is green 5.God's away on business 6.Another man's vine 7.Knife chase 8.Lullaby 9.Starving in the belly of a whale 10.The part you throw away 11.Woe 12.Calliope 13.A good man is hard to find ..
979.00 грн.
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings: 100 Days 100 Nights
1.100 days, 100 nights 2.Nobody's baby 3.Tell me 4.Be easy 5.When the other foot drops, uncle 6.Let them knock 7.Something's changed 8.Humble me 9.Keep on looking 10.Answer me ..
629.00 грн.
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings: Give The People What They Want
1.Retreat! 2.Stranger to my happiness 3.We get along 4.You'll be lonely 5.Now I see 6.Making up and breaking up 7.Get up and get out 8.Long time, wrong time 9.People don't get what they deserve 10.Slow down love ..
699.00 грн.
Beth Hart: My California (180g) (Limited Edition)
1.My California 2.Life Is Calling 3.Happiness...Any Day Now 4.Love Is The Hardest 5.Bad Love Is Good Enough 6.Drive 7.Sister Heroine (Feat. Slash) 8.Take It Easy On Me 9.Like You (And Everyone Else) 10.Everybody Is Sober 11.Weight Of The World ..
749.00 грн.
Beth Hart: Bang Bang Boom Boom (180g)
1.Baddest Blues 2.Bang Bang Boom Boom 3.Better Man 4.Caught Out In The Rain 5.Swing My Thing Back Around 6.With You Everyday 7.Thru The Window Of My Mind 8.Spirit Of God 9.There In Your Heart 10.The Ugliest House On The Block 11.Everything Must Change ..
699.00 грн.
Bob Dylan: World Gone Wrong (180g)
1.World Gone Wrong 2.Love Henry 3.Ragged & Dirty 4.Blood In My Eyes 5.Broke Down Engine 6.Delia 7.Stack A Lee 8.Two Soldiers 9.Jack-A-Roe 10.Lone Pilgrim ..
879.00 грн.
Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited (180g) (mono)
1.Like a Rolling Stone - mono version 2.Tombstone Blues - mono version 3.It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry - mono version 4.From a Buick 6 - mono version 5.Ballad of a Thin Man - mono version 6.Queen Jane Approximately - mono version 7.Highway '61 Revisited - mono version 8.Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - mono version 9.Desolation Row - mono version ..
599.00 грн.
Bob Dylan: Blonde On Blonde (180g) (mono)
  1.Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - mono version 2.Pledging My Time - mono version 3.Visions of Johanna - mono version 4.One of Us Must Know - mono version 5.I Want You - mono version 6.Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again - mono version 7.Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat - mono version 8.Just Like a Woman - mono version   1.Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine - mono version 2.Temporary Like Achilles - mono version 3.Absolutely Sweet Marie - mono version 4.4th Time Around - mono version 5.Obviously 5 Believers - mono version 6.Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands - mono version ..
599.00 грн.
Gov't Mule: The Tel-Star Sessions (140g) (Limited Edition) (Colored Vinyl)
Трек-лист:   1LP 1.Blind man in the dark 2.Rocking horse 3.Monkey hill 4.Mr. big 5.Mother earth 6.Just got paid   2LP 1.Left coast groovies 2.World of difference 3.The same thing 4.World of difference (alternate/original mix) ..
989.00 грн.


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