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The Roots - Rising down
The Roots - Rising down
Вряд ли погрешу против истины, если скажу, что The Roots - самая живучая, неуемн..

Земфира - Жить в твоей голове
Земфира - Жить в твоей голове
Ещё не вышел, а ажеотаж просто сумашедший. Наверно опять разлетится за день...

Queen - Innuendo (limited collectors edition)
Queen - Innuendo (limited collectors edition)
Заказал. Приехал. Восторг...

Lana Del Ray - Born to die
Lana Del Ray - Born to die
Прекраснейший альбом. Lana молодец очень...

The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation
The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation
Британская электронщина. Винил то что надо...




Электронная музыка (от нем. Elektronische Musik, англ. Electronic music, в просторечии также «электроника») — широкий музыкальный жанр, обозначающий музыку, созданную с использованием электронных музыкальных инструментов и технологий (чаще всего при помощи специальных компьютерных программ). Хотя первые электронные инструменты появились ещё в начале XX века, электронная музыка как самостоятельный жанр утвердилась во второй половине XX века — начале XXI века и включает сегодня в свой обширный жанрово-стилевой спектр десятки разновидностей. Электронная музыка оперирует звуками, которые образуются при использовании электронных технологий и электромеханических музыкальных инструментов. Примерами электромеханических музыкальных инструментов могут служить телармониум, орган Хаммонда и электрогитара. Чистый электронный звук получают, применяя такие инструменты как терменвокс, синтезатор и компьютер.

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Gary Numan - Savage (Songs From A Broken World) (180g) 2 LP
1. "Ghost Nation" 4:56 2. "Bed of Thorns" 5:24 3. "My Name Is Ruin" 6:17 4. "The End of Things" 5:01 5. "And It All Began with You" 6:21 6. "When the World Comes Apart" 5:27 7. "Mercy" 5:35 8. "What God Intended" 5:25 9. "Pray for the Pain You Serve" 5:27 10. "Broken" 5:58 Total length: 55:51 ..
869.00 грн.
Depeche Mode - Cover Me (Remixes) 2 Singles 12"
1.Cover Me - Ellen Allien U.F.O. Rmx 2.Cover Me - I Hate Models Cold Lights Remix 3.Cover Me - Nicole Moudaber Remix 4.So Much Love - Kalli Remix   1.Cover Me - Erol Alkan White Light Rework 2.Cover Me - Texas Gentlemen Remix 3.Cover Me - Warpaint Steez Remix 4.Cover Me - Josh T. Pearson Choose Hellth Remix ..
750.00 грн.
Mogwai - Every Country's Sun 2 LP
1.Coolverine 2.Party In The Dark 3.Brain Sweeties 4.Crossing The Road Material 5.aka 47 6.20 Size 7.1000 Foot Face 8.Don't Believe The Fife 9.Battered At A Scramble 10.Old Poisons 11.Every Country's Sun ..
789.00 грн.
LCD Soundsystem - American Dream 2 LP
1.Oh baby 2.Other voices 3.I used to 4.Change yr mind 5.How do you sleep?   1.Tonite 2.Call the police 3.American dream 4.Emotional haircut 5.Black screen ..
849.00 грн.
Depeche Mode - Going Backwards 2 Singles 12
1.Going backwards (chris liebing mix) 2.Going backwards (solomun club remix) 3.Going backwards (the belleville three deep bass dub)   1.Going backwards (chris liebing burn slow mix) 2.Going backwards (point point remix) 3.You move (latroit remix) 4.Poison heart (soulsavers re-work) ..
749.00 грн.
Groove Armada - Vertigo
1.Chicago 2.Whatever, whenever (ft. american gypsy) 3.Dusk you & me (ft. the platters) 4.If everybody looked the same (ft. chi-lites, a tribe called 5.Serve chilled 6.Pre 63   1.I see you baby (ft. gram'ma funk) 2.At the river 3.Your song 4.In my bones (ft. alexander robotnick) 5.A private interlude 6.Inside my mind (blue skies) (ft. dick haymes) ..
849.00 грн.
Groove Armada - Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) 3 LP
1.Suntouches 2.Superstylin' 3.Healing 4.My friend   1.Fogma 2.Tuning in 3.Raisin' the stakes 4.Drifted   1.Little by little 2.Join hands 3.Lazy motion 4.Edge hill ..
980.00 грн.
AIR - 10000 HZ LEGEND 2 LP
  1.Electronic performers 2.How does it make you feel? 3.Radio #1 4.The vagabond 5.Radian 6.Lucky and unhappy   1.Sex born poison 2.People in the city 3.Wonder milky bitch 4.Don't be light 5.Caramel prisoner ..
750.00 грн.
Kraftwerk - 3-D Der Katalog box set 9 LP
Autobahn (1974) Radio-Aktivität (1975)  Trans Europa Express (1977)  Die Mensch-Maschine (1978)  Computerwelt (1981)  Techno Pop (1986) The Mix (1991)   Tour De France (2003) ..
4600.00 грн.
UNKLE - The Road: Part 1
Треклист:  1. Iterlude 1: Have You Looked At Yourself?  2. Farwell (feat Ysee, Eska, Elliott Power, Keaton Henson, Liela Moss)  3. Looking For The Rain (feat Mark Lanegan, Eska)  4. Cowboys or Indians (feat Elliott Power, Mink, See)  5. Iterlude 2: How do you feel?  6. No Were to Run / Bandits  7. Iterlude 3: Keep On Runnin’  8. Sole Enough (feat Miink)  9. Arms Length (feat Elliott Power, Miink, Callum Finn)  10. Iterlude 4: We Are Stardust  11. Sonata (feat. Keaton Henson)  12. The Road (feat. Eska)  13. Iterlude 5: Friend or Foe  14. Sunrise (Always Comes Around) (feat. Liela Moss)  15. Sick Lullaby (feat. Keaton Henson) ..
1299.00 грн.
Richard Barbieri - Planets + Persona (180g) 2 LP
1.Solar sea 2.New found land Night of the hunter (Medley) 3.Summer 4.Shake hands with danger 5.Innocence lost   1.Interstellar medium 2.Unholy 3.Shafts of light 4.Solar storm ..
940.00 грн.
Depeche Mode - Where's The Revolution (Remixes) 2 Singles 12"
1.Where's the Revolution 2.Where's the Revolution (Ewan Pearson Remix) 3.Where's the Revolution (Algiers Remix) 4.Where's the Revolution (Terence Fixmer Remix) 5.Where's the Revolution (Autolux Remix) ..
720.00 грн.
Onuka - Vidlik Ep Vinyl
Треклист: 1. Svitanok 2. Vidlik 3. Other (Intro) 4. Other 5. 19 86 ..
850.00 грн.
Bonobo (Simon Green) - Migration (2LP)
    1.A-Seite: Migration 2.Break Apart (feat. Rhye) 3.Outlier 4.B-Seite: Grains 5.Second Sun 6.Bambro Koyo Ganda (feat. Innov Gnawa) 1.C-Seite: Surface (feat. Nicole Miglis) 2.Kerala 3.No Reason (feat. Nick Murphy) 4.D-Seite: Ontario 5.Boston Common 6.Figures ..
789.00 грн.
Enigma - The Fall Of A Rebel Angel
1.Circle Eight 2.The Omega Point 3.Diving 4.The Die Is Cast 5.Mother 6.Agnus Dei 7.Sadeness (Part II) 8.Lost In Nothingness 9.Oxygen Red 10.Confession Of The Mind 11.Absolvo 12.Amen ..
860.00 грн.
Yello - Toy 2 LP
1.Frautonium Intro 2.Limbo 3.30'000 Days 4.Electrified II 5.Cold Flame 6.Kiss The Cloud 7.Starlight Scene 8.Tool Of Love 9.Give You The World 10.Dialectical Kid   1.Dark Side 2.Pacific AM 3.Blue Biscuit 4.Lost In Motion 5.Magma 6.Toy Square 7.Frautonium ..
950.00 грн.
Dream Dance - Best Of 20 Years
1.Nalin & Kane: Beachball - Extended Vocal Mix 2.Paul van Dyk: For an Angel - PvD E-Werk Club Mix 3.Humate: Love Stimulation - Love-Club-Mix 4.Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan: Silence - DJ Tiesto's in Search of Sunrise Remix 5.DJ Sakin & Friends: Protect Your Mind (Braveheart) - Suspicios Remix   1.Niels Van Gogh: Pulverturm - Original 2.Da Hool: Meet Her at the Loveparade - Original Mix 3.Ayla: Ayla - DJ Taucher Remix 4.Kai Tracid: Your Own Reality - Energy Mix 5.Sunbeam: Outside World - original mix   1.Members Of Mayday: Sonic Empire - Long 2.Insomnia - Faithless 3.RMB: Redemption - 1994 Original 4.Tiësto: Lethal Industry - Richard Durand Remix 5.Darude: Sandstorm - Original Mix 6.Quench: Dreams - Original Mix   1.ATB: 9 PM (Till I Come) 2.Energy 52: Cafe del Mar - Three N One Remi..
969.00 грн.
De-Phazz: Garage Pompeuse: The Berlin Session
1.Our Relationship 2.Used 3.The Mambo Craze 4.No Jive 5.Fear Is My Business 6.Astrud Astronette 7.Chez Clerambault 8.Trashbox 9.Zero Zero 10.Garbo Goodbye ..
869.00 грн.
Kraftwerk: Computerwelt (remastered) (180g)
1.Computerwelt 2.Taschenrechner 3.Nummern 4.Computerwelt 5.Computer Liebe 6.Heimcomputer 7.It's More Fun To Compute ..
779.00 грн.
Air: Twentyears (180g)
1.La femme d'argent 2.Cherry Blossom Girl 3.Kelly Watch The Stars 4.Playground Love (with Gordon Tracks) 5.Sexy Boy 6.Venus 7.All I Need 8.Alpha Beta Gaga (Single Edit)   1.Moon Fever 2.Don't Be Light 3.How Does It Make You Feel 4.Surfing on a Rocket 5.Alone in Kyoto 6.Talisman 7.Run 8.Le soleil est près de moi ..
899.00 грн.
The Prodigy: Invaders Must Die
1.Invaders Must Die 2.Omen 3.Thunder 4.Colours 5.Take Me To The Hospital 6.Warriors Dance   1.Run With The Wolves 2.Omen 3.World's On Fire 4.Piranha 5.Stand Up ..
789.00 грн.
Moby: Play (180g)
1.Honey 2.Porcelain 3.Why does my hear fell so bad? 4.South side 5.Rushing 6.Bodyrock 7.Natural blues   1.Machete 2.7 3.Run on 4.Down show 5.If things were perfect 6.Everloving 7.Inside 8.Guitar flute & string 9.The sky is broken 10.My weakness ..
849.00 грн.
a-ha: Hits South America (180g)
1.The Blood That Moves The Body 2.Manhattan Skyline 3.You Are The One 4.Stay On These Roads 5.Hunting High And Low ..
919.00 грн.
Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene (180g)
1.Oxygene, Part I 2.Oxygene, Part II 3.Oxygene, Part III 4.Oxygene, Part IV 5.Oxygene, Part V 6.Oxygene, Part VI ..
599.00 грн.
Flume: Skin (Limited Edition) (Clear Vinyl)
1.Helix 2.Never be like you [ft. kai] 3.Lose it [ft. vic mensa] 4.Numb & getting colder [ft. ku?ka] 5.Say it [ft. tove lo] 6.Wall fuck 7.Pika 8.Smoke & retribution [ft. vince staples & ku?ka] 9.3 10.When everything was new 11.You know [ft. allan kingdom & raekwon] 12.Take a chance [ft. little dragon] 13.Innocence [ft. alunageorge] 14.Like water [ft. mndr] 15.Free 16.Tiny cities [ft. beck] ..
849.00 грн.
Jean Michel Jarre: Electronica 2: The Heart Of Noise (180g)
1.The heart of noise, pt. 1 ft. Rone 2.The heart of noise, pt. 2 3.Brick england ft. Pet Shop Boys 4.These creatures ft. Julia Holter 5.As one ft. Primal Scream 6.Here for you ft. Gary Numan 7.Electrees ft. Hans Zimmer 8.Exit ft. E.S. 9.What you want ft. Peaches   1.Gisele ft. Sebastien Tellier 2.Switch on leon ft. The Orb 3.Circus ft. Siriusmo 4.Why this, why that and why ft. Yello 5.The architect ft. Jeff Mills 6.Swipe to the right ft. Cyndi Lauper 7.Walking the mile ft. Christophe 8.Falling down 9.The heart of noise (the origin) ..
799.00 грн.
Jean Michel Jarre: Electronica 1: The Time Machine
1.The Time Machine (JMJ & Boys Noize) 2.Glory (JMJ & M83) 3.Close your eyes (JMJ & AIR) 4.Automatic (part 1) (JMJ & Vince Clarke) 5.Automatic (part 2) (JMJ & Vince Clarke) 6.IF..! (JMJ & Little Boots) 7.Immortals (JMJ & Fuck Buttons) 8.Suns have gone (JMJ & Moby) 9.Conquistador (JMJ & Gesaffelstein)   1.Travelator (part 2) (JMJ & Pete Townshend) 2.Zero Gravity (JMJ & Tangerine Dream) 3.Rely on me (JMJ & Laurie Anderson) 4.Stardust (JMJ & Armin van Buuren) 5.Watching you (JMJ & 3D (Massive Attack)) 6.A question of blood (JMJ & John Carpenter) 7.The train & the river (JMJ & Lang Lang) ..
799.00 грн.


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