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Океан Ельзи -  Земля
Океан Ельзи - Земля
Сделал предзаказ. Думаю получу быстро, как только выйдет. Очень хочеться послуша..

Nirvana - Nevermind
Nirvana - Nevermind
Очень большая редкость нынче. Жду переиздания...

The XX - XX
The XX - XX
Британская индипопина от XX на виниле - КАЙФ!..

Качественное, недорогое. Советую...

The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation
The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation
Британская электронщина. Винил то что надо...




Рок-музыка (англ. Rock music) — обобщающее название ряда направлений популярной музыки. Слово «rock» — (в переводе с английского «качать, укачивать, качаться») — в данном случае указывает на характерные для этих направлений ритмические ощущения, связанные с определённой формой движения, по аналогии с «roll», «twist», «swing», «shake» и т. п. Такие признаки рок-музыки, как использование электромузыкальных инструментов, творческая самодостаточность (для рок-музыкантов характерно исполнение композиций собственного сочинения) являются вторичными и часто вводят в заблуждение. По этой причине принадлежность некоторых стилей музыки к року оспаривается.

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Black Sabbath - The End - Live In Birmingham (Limited-Edition) 3 LP
1.Black Sabbath (Live From The Genting Arena, Birmingham / 2017) 2.Fairies Wear Boots (Live From The Genting Arena, Birmingham / 2017) 3.Under The Sun / Every Day Comes And Goes (Live From The Genting Arena, Birmingham / 2017 / LP Edit / Medley) 4.After Forever (Live From The Genting Arena, Birmingham / 2017 / LP Edit) 5.Into The Void (Live From The Genting Arena, Birmingham / 2017) 6.Snowblind (Live From The Genting Arena, Birmingham / 2017)   1.Band Introductions (Live From The Genting Arena, Birmingham / 2017) 2.War Pigs (Live From The Genting Arena, Birmingham / 2017) 3.Behind The Wall Of Sleep (Live From The Genting Arena, Birmingham / 2017) 4.Bassically / N.I.B. (Live From The Genting Arena, Birmingham / 2017 / Medley) 5.Hand Of Doom (Live From The Genting Arena, Birmingham / 2017) 6.Supernaut / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Megalo..
1450.00 грн.
Black Sabbath - The Ten Year War (Deluxe-Box-Set) 11 LP
Deluxe Box Set Includes: 8 x vinyl LPs meticulously reproduced in their original sleeves, re-mastered by renowned mastering engineer Andy Pearce from the original tapes and pressed on 180 gram splatter-coloured vinyl, each LP with unique and individual colouring.   • BLACK SABBATH • PARANOID • MASTER OF REALITY (including original fold-out colour poster) • VOL. 4 • SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH • SABOTAGE • TECHNICAL ECSTASY • NEVER SAY DIE!   2 x rare 7” singles, reproduced in their original sleeves:  Japanese version of Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games With Me)/Black Sabbath. Chilean version of Paranoid/The Wizard (only 100 copies of the original radio promo were pressed).   Crucifix shaped Black Sabbath USB stick, exclusive to this box set, which can be worn round the neck and contains MQA high definition..
9300.00 грн.
Pink Floyd - A Collection Of Great Dance Songs (remastered) (180g)
1.One Of These Days 2.Money 3.Sheep 4.Shine On You Crazy Diamond 5.Wish You Were Here 6.Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) ..
849.00 грн.
Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound Of Thunder (remastered) (180g) 2 LP
  1.Shine On You Crazy Diamond 2.Learning to Fly 3.Yet Another Movie 4.Round and Round 5.Sorrow 6.The Dogs of War 7.On the Turning Away 8.One of These Days 9.Time 10.Wish You Were Here 11.Us and Them 12.Money 13.Another Brick in the Wall (Part II) 14.Comfortably Numb 15.Run Like Hell ..
969.00 грн.
Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down
1. «Revelation #12» 4:42 2. «Tattooed in Reverse» 4:24 3. «We Know Where You Fucking Live» 4:32 4. «Say10» 4:18 5. «Kill4Me» 3:59 6. «Saturnalia» 7:59 7. «Je$u$ Cri$i$» 3:59 8. «Blood Honey» 4:10 9. «Heaven Upside Down» 4:49 10. «Threats of Romance» 4:37 47:29   ..
949.00 грн.
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Who Built The Moon?
1.Fort Knox 2.Holy Mountain 3.Keep On Reaching 4.It's A Beautiful World 5.She Taught Me How To Fly 6.Be Careful What You Wish For 7.Black & White Sunshine 8.Interlude (Wednesday Part 1) 9.If Love Is The Law 10.The Man Who Built The Moon 11.End Credits (Wednesday Part 2) ..
789.00 грн.
Prophets Of Rage - Prophets Of Rage
Проэкт участников (Rage against the machine, Cypress hill, Public enemy)   1. "Radical Eyes" 3:22 2. "Unfuck the World" 4:10 3. "Legalize Me" 3:35 4. "Living on the 110" 3:48 5. "The Counteroffensive" 0:37 6. "Hail to the Chief" 4:08 7. "Take Me Higher" 3:47 8. "Strength in Numbers" 3:08 9. "Fired a Shot" 3:28 10. "Who Owns Who" 3:28 11. "Hands Up" 2:39 12. "Smashit" 3:25   ..
899.00 грн.
Imagine Dragons - Evolve (180g)
  1.I Don’t Know Why 2.Whatever It Takes 3:21 3.Believer 3:24 4.Walking The Wire 3:53 5.Rise Up 3:51 6.I’ll Make It Up To You 4:22 7.Yesterday 3:25 8.Mouth Of The River 3:41 9.Thunder Final 3:07 10.Start Over 3:06 11.Dancing In The Dark 3:53 ..
949.00 грн.
Imagine Dragons - Night Visions
1. «Radioactive» 3:08 2. «Tiptoe» 3:14 3. «It's Time» 4:00 4. «Demons » 2:56 5. «On Top of the World» 3:12 6. «Amsterdam» 4:01 7. «Hear Me» 3:55 8. «Every Night» 3:37 9. «Bleeding Out» 3:43 10. «Underdog» 3:29 11. «Nothing Left to Say» (6:33), включая скрытый трек "Rocks" (2:11) 8:56 ..
790.00 грн.
Tori Amos - Native Invader 2 LP
1. "Reindeer King" 7:06 2. "Wings" 4:09 3. "Broken Arrow" 5:20 4. "Cloud Riders" 5:23 5. "Up the Creek" 3:22 6. "Breakaway" 4:36 7. "Wildwood" 4:41 8. "Chocolate Song" 4:41 9. "Bang" 6:11 10. "Climb" 4:02 11. "Bats" 4:18 12. "Benjamin" 2:43 13. "Mary's Eyes" 5:16   ..
959.00 грн.
Tori Amos - Boys For Pele (remastered) (180g) 2 LP
1. «Beauty Queen/Horses» 6:07 2. «Blood Roses» 3:56 3. «Father Lucifer» 3:43 4. «Professional Widow» 4:31 5. «Mr Zebra» 1:07 6. «Marianne» 4:07 7. «Caught a Lite Sneeze» 4:24 8. «Muhammad My Friend» 3:48 9. «Hey Jupiter» 5:07 10. «Way Down» 1:13 11. «Little Amsterdam» 4:29 12. «Talula» 4:08 13. «Not the Red Baron» 3:49 14. «Agent Orange» 1:26 15. «Doughnut Song» 4:19 16. «In the Springtime of His Voodoo» 5:32 17. «Putting the Damage On» 5:08 18. «Twinkle» 3:12 ..
750.00 грн.
Ringo Starr - Give More Love LP
1.We're On The Road Again 2.Laughable 3.Show Me The Way 4.Speed Of Sound 5.Standing Still 6.King Of The Kingdom 7.Electricity 8.So Wrong For So Long 9.Shake It Up 10.Give More Love ..
799.00 грн.
Portugal. The Man - Woodstock (180g)
1Number One Featuring – Richie Havens, Son Little 2Easy Tiger 3Live In The Moment 4Feel It Still 5Rich Friends 6Keep On 7So Young 8Mr. Lonely Featuring – Fat Lip 9Tidal Wave 10Noise Pollution (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3) Featuring – Mary Elizabeth Winstead ..
749.00 грн.
Black Grape - Pop Voodoo
01. Everything You Know Is Wrong Intro 04:30 02. Nine Lives 04:22 03. Set The Grass On Fire 03:18 04. Whiskey, Wine And Ham 03:45 05. Money Burns 05:22 06. String Theory 03:16 07. Pop Voodoo 04:25 08. I Wanna Be Like You 04:04 09. Sugar Money 04:32 10. Shame 04:29 11. Losing Sleep 03:35 12. Young And Dumb 04:53 ..
899.00 грн.
Gogol Bordello - Seekers And Finders
1.Did It All 2.Walking On The Burning Coal 3.Break Into Your Higher Self 4.Seekers And Finders 5.Familia Bonfireball 6.Clearvoyance 7.Saboteur Blues 8.Love Gangsters 9.If I Ever Get Home Before Dark 10.You Know Who You Are (Uprooted Funk) 11.Still That Way ..
789.00 грн.
Metallica - Master Of Puppets (remastered) (Limited-Edition) (Deluxe-Boxset) 3	LP, 10CD, 2DVD, 1	MC, 1Book
1Battery (Remastered 2016) 2Master Of Puppets (Remastered 2016) 3The Thing That Should Not Be (Remastered 2016) 4Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Remastered 2016) 5Disposable Heroes (Remastered 2016) 6Leper Messiah (Remastered 2016) 7Orion (Remastered 2016) 8Damage, Inc. (Remastered 2016)   1Battery (Live At The Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL / May 25th, 1986) 2Master Of Puppets (Live At The Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL / May 25th, 1986) 3For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live At The Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL / May 25th, 1986) 4Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live At The Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL / May 25th, 1986) 5The Thing That Should Not Be (Live At The Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL / May 25th, 1986) 6(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth (Live At The Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL / May 25th, 1986) 7Damage, Inc. (Live At The Aragon Ballroom, Chic..
5790.00 грн.
Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold 2 LP
1.T-Shirt 2.Run 3.Make It Right 4.The Sky Is a Neighborhood 5.La Dee Da 6.Dirty Water 7.Arrows 8.Happy Ever After (Zero Hour) 9.Sunday Rain 10.The Line 11.Concrete and Gold ..
889.00 грн.
Beck - Colors (Red Vinyl)
  1."Colors" 2."Seventh Heaven" 3."I'm So Free" 4."Dear Life" 5."No Distraction" 6."Dreams" 7."Wow" 8."Up All Night" 9."Square One" 10."Fix Me" 11."Dreams" (Single Mix) ..
789.00 грн.
The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful
1.Wonderful Wonderful 2.The Man 3.Rut 4.Life To Come 5.Run For Cover 6.Tyson vs Douglas 7.Some Kind Of Love 8.Out Of My Mind 9.The Calling 10.Have All The Songs Been Written? ..
789.00 грн.
Depeche Mode - Going Backwards 2 Singles 12
1.Going backwards (chris liebing mix) 2.Going backwards (solomun club remix) 3.Going backwards (the belleville three deep bass dub)   1.Going backwards (chris liebing burn slow mix) 2.Going backwards (point point remix) 3.You move (latroit remix) 4.Poison heart (soulsavers re-work) ..
749.00 грн.
Robert Plant - Carry Fire 2 LP
1.The May Queen 2.New World... 3.Season's Song 4.Dance With You Tonight 5.Carving Up the World Again...a wall and not a fence 6.A Way With Words 7.Carry Fire   1.Bones of Saints 2.Keep It Hid 3.Bluebirds Over the Mountain 4.Heaven Sent ..
999.00 грн.
Avril Lavigne - Best Damn Thing (180g) (Limited-Edition) (Pink Vinyl)
  1.Girlfriend 2.I can do better 3.Runaway 4.The best damn thing 5.When you're gone 6.Everything back but you 7.Hot 8.Innocence 9.I don't have to try 10.One Of Those Girls 11.Contagious 12.Keep holding on   ..
850.00 грн.
Avril Lavigne - Under My Skin (180g) (Limited-Edition) (Red Vinyl)
1.Take Me Away 2.Together 3.Don't Tell Me 4.He Wasn't 5.How Does It Feel 6.My Happy Ending 7.Nobody's Home (New Mix) 8.Forgotten 9.Who Knows 10.Fall To Pieces 11.Freak Out 12.Slipped Away ..
850.00 грн.
Avril Lavigne - Let Go (180g) (Limited-Edition) (White Vinyl) 2 LP
1.Losing grip 2.Complicated 3.Sk8er boi 4.I'm with you 5.Mobile 6.Unwanted 7.Tomorrow   1.Anything but ordinary 2.Things I'll never say 3.My world 4.Nobody's fool 5.Too much to ask 6.Naked ..
890.00 грн.
Jethro Tull - Songs From The Wood (40th-Anniversary-Edition) (Steven Wilson Mix)
1.Songs From The Wood (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix) 2.Jack-In-The-Green (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix) 3.Cup Of Wonder (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix) 4.Hunting Girl (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix) 5.Ring Out, Solstice Bells (Steven Wilson Remix) 6.Velvet Green (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix) 7.The Whistler (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix) 8.Pibroch (Cap In Hand) [Steven Wilson Stereo Remix] 9.Fire At Midnight (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix) ..
790.00 грн.
Black Country Communion - BCCIV (180g) (Limited-Edition) (Orange Vinyl) 2 LP
1.Collide 2.Over My Head 3.The Last Song For My Resting Place 4.Sway 5.The Cove 6.The Crow   1.Wanderlust 2.Love Remains 3.Awake 4.When The Morning Comes 5.With You I Go ..
790.00 грн.
David Gilmour - Live At Pompeii 4 LP
1.Side A: 5 A.M. 2.Rattle That Lock 3.Faces Of Stone 4.What Do You Want From Me 5.Side B: The Blue 6.The Great Gig In The Sky 7.Boat Lies Waiting 1.Side A: Wish You Were Here 2.Money 3.In Any Tongue 4.Side B: High Hopes 5.One Of These Days 1.Side A: Shine On You Crazy Diamond 2.Fat Old Sun 3.Side B: Coming Back To Life 4.On An Island 5.Today 1.Side A: Sorrow 2.Run Like Hell 3.Side B: Time / Breathe (In The Air) (reprise) 4.Comfortably Numb ..
2350.00 грн.
The Isley Brothers & Santana - Power Of Peace (180g) 2 LP
  1.Are You Ready 2.Total Destruction To Your Mind 3.Higher Ground 4.God Bless The Child 5.I Remember 6.Body Talk   1.Gypsy Woman 2.I Just Want To Make Love To You 3.Love, Peace, Happiness 4.What The World Needs Now is Love Sweet love 5.Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) 6.Let The Rain Fall On Me 7.Let There Be Peace On Earth ..
790.00 грн.
Arcade Fire - Everything Now (Day Version) (180g)
1.Everything_Now (Continued) 2.Everything Now 3.Signs Of Life 4.Creature Comfort 5.Peter Pan 6.Chemistry 7.Infinite Content 8.Infinite_Content 9.Electric Blue 10.Good God Damn 11.Put Your Money On Me 12.We Don't Deserve Love 13.Everything Now (Continued) ..
790.00 грн.
Coldplay - Kaleidoscope EP (Limtied-Edition) (Colored Vinyl) (45 RPM)
1.All I can think about is you 2.Miracles (someone special) - Coldplay & Big Sean 3.A l i e n s 4.Something just like this (Tokyo remix) ft. Chainsmokers 5.Hypnotised ..
690.00 грн.
1.Pretty noose 2.Rhinosaur 3.Zero chance 4.Dusty 5.Ty cobb 6.Blow up the outside world 7.Burden in my hand 8.Never named   1.Applebite 2.Never the machine forever 3.Tighter & tighter 4.No attention 5.Switch opens 6.Overfloater 7.An unkind 8.Boot camp ..
789.00 грн.


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