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Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication
Ну тут комментарии лишние, этот альбом уже культовый, тем более в виниловом мире..

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
После пятилетнего перерыва команда мультяшек снова взялась за инструменты и выда..

Chemical Brothers - Surender
Chemical Brothers - Surender
Один из лучших альбомов братьев!!!! На виниле редкость!!!..

Pink Floyd - The Endless River
Pink Floyd - The Endless River
Заказал. Жду Жду Жду. Уверен в качестве качества...

The White Stripes - Elephant
The White Stripes - Elephant
Проблем с доставкой и самой пластинкой не было. Альбом - просто взрыв мозга! Все..




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Nirvana - Nevermind (30th Anniversary Edition) (Limited Edition) 1 LP, 1 Single 7"
LP 1 1 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Side A) 2 In Bloom (Side A) 3 Come As You Are (Side A) 4 Breed (Side A) 5 Lithium (Side A) 6 Polly (Side A) 7 Territorial Pissings (Side B) 8 Drain You (Side B) 9 Lounge Act (Side B) 10 Stay Away (Side B) 11 On A Plain (Side B) 12 Something In The Way (Side B)   7" 1 Endless, Nameless (Side A) 2 Even In His Youth (Side B) 3 Aneurysm (Side B) ..
1289.00 грн.
Mark Knopfler - The Studio Albums 1996 - 2007 (remastered) (180g) (Limited Boxset) 11 LP
»Golden Heart« (1996) »Sailing To Philadelphia« (2000) »The Ragpicker’s Dream« (2002) »Shangri-La« (2004) »Kill To Get Crimson« (2007)   1 Darling Pretty 2 Imelda 3 Golden Heart 4 No Can Do 5 Vic And Ray 6 Don’t You Get It 7 A Night In Summer Long Ago 1 Cannibals 2 I’m The Fool 3 Je Suis Désolé 4 Rüdiger 5 Nobody’s Got The Gun 6 Done With Bonaparte 7 Are We In Trouble Now 1 What It Is 2 Sailing To Philadelphia 3 Who’s Your Baby Now 4 Baloney Again 5 The Last Laugh 6 Do America 7 Silvertown Blues 1 El Macho 2 Prairie Wedding 3 Wanderlust 4 Speedway At Nazareth 5 Junkie Doll 6 Sands Of Nevada 7 One More Matinee 1 Why Aye Man 2 ..
9799.00 грн.
Roger Taylor - Outsider (180g)
Side A 1 Tides 2 I Know, I Know, I Know 3 More Kicks 4 Absolutely Anything 5 Gangsters Are Running This World 6 We’re All Just Trying To Get By – Featuring KT Tunstall Side B 1 Gangsters Are Running This World – Purple Version 2 Isolation 3 The Clapping Song 4 Outsider 5 Foreign Sand – English Mix 6 Journey’s End ..
1089.00 грн.
Modern Talking - Back for Good
A1. You're My Heart, You're My Soul (New Version) A2. Brother Louie (New Version) A3. I Will Follow You (New Hit '98) A4. Cheri Cheri Lady (New Version) A5. You Can Win If You Want (New Version)   B1. Don't Play With My Heart (New Hit '98) B2. Atlantis Is Calling (New Version) B3. Geronimo's Cadillac (New Version) B4. Give Me Peace On Earth (New Version) B5. We Take The Chance (New Hit '98)   C1. Jet Airliner (New Version) C2. Lady Lai (New Version) C3. Anything Is Possible (New Hit '98) C4. In 100 Years (New Version) C5. Angie's Heart (New Version)   D1. You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Original No. 1 Mix '84) D2. You Can Win If You Want (Original No. 1 Mix '84) D3. No. 1 Hit Medley ..
1089.00 грн.
Eric Clapton - The Lady In The Balcony: Lockdown Sessions (180g)
1Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out 2Golden Ring 3Black Magic Woman 4Man of the World 5Kerry 6After Midnight 7Bell Bottom Blues 8Key to the Highway 9River of Tears   1Rock Me Baby 2Believe in Life 3Going Down Slow 4Layla 5Tears in Heaven 6Long Distance Call 7Bad Boy 8Got My Mojo Working ..
1290.00 грн.
Святослав Вакарчук - Оранжерея
1. Оберіг 2. Лиш для нас 3. Без причини 4. Знову 5. Моє серце 6. Понад усе 7. Вогонь 8. За крок до неба 9. Зоре моя 10. Не зачиняй в спальні вікно 11. Саме та 12. Диво ..
1099.00 грн.
Dave Gahan - Paper Monsters
A1. Dirty Sticky Floors A2. Hold On A3. A Little Piece A4. Bottle Living A5. Black And Blue Again   B1. Stay B2. I Need You B3. Bitter Apple B4. Hidden Houses B5. Goodbye ..
1070.00 грн.
Richard Ashcroft - Acoustic Hymns Vol.1 (180g) 2 LP
1 Side A: Bittersweet Symphony 2 A Song for the Lovers 3 Sonnet 4 Side B: C'mon People (We're Making It Now) (feat. Liam Gallagher) 5 Weeping Willow 6 Lucky Man 1 Side C: This Thing Called Life 2 Space & Time 3 Velvet Morning 4 Side D: Break the Night with Colour 5 One Day 6 The Drugs Don't Work ..
1179.00 грн.
Radiohead - Kid A Mnesia (Black Vinyl) 3 LP
1 Everything In Its Right Place 2 Kid A 3 The National Anthem 4 How To Disappear Completely 5 Treefingers 6 Optimistic 7 In Limbo 8 Idioteque 9 Morning Bell 10 Motion Picture Soundtrack     1 Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box 2 Pyramid Song 3 Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors 4 You And Whose Army? 5 I Might Be Wrong 6 Knives Out 7 Morning Bell/Amnesiac 8 Dollars and Cents 9 Hunting Bears 10 Like Spinning Plates 11 Life In A Glasshouse     1 Like Spinning Plates (‘Why Us?’ Version) 2 Untitled v1 3 Fog (Again Again Version) 4 If You Say the Word 5 Follow Me Around 6 Pulk/Pull (True Love Waits Version) 7 Untitled v2 8 The Morning ..
1989.00 грн.
Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (2019 Remix) (180g) 2 LP
LP 1   SIDE A:   Signs Of Life Learning To Fly The Dogs Of War   SIDE B:   One Slip On The Turning Away   LP 2   SIDE C:   Yet Another Movie Round And Around A New Machine Part 1 Terminal Frost A New Machine Part 2   SIDE D:   Sorrow ..
1599.00 грн.
Мумий Тролль — «Приоритеты» [White Vinyl]
Информация о товаре Первый сборник лучших песен Мумий Тролль на виниловой пластинке!   Сборник назван «Приоритеты», в честь одной из песен группы с альбома «Восток Х Северозапад». Песни, которые вошли в сборник выбирали слушатели. А группа собрала их и расставила «Приоритеты». Голосование проходило несколько месяцев.   Для винила песни на сборник взяты с оригинальных студийных мастер-лент, записанных в Великобритании и США.   Трек-лист:   A1. Хищник A2. Дельфины A3. Инопланетный гость A4. Контрабанды A5. Это по любви A6. Забавы   B1. С Новым годом, крошка B2. Карнавала, нет B3. Бермуды B4. Медведица B5. Приоритеты ..
1790.00 грн.
Борщ – Padlo lp
1 Audio / Video 2:44 2 Крос 2:10 3 Аня, Йо! 2:25 4 Будьмо! 2:53 5 Епоха Юних 2:53 6 Лесные Робинзоны 2:58 7 Забагато Енергії 4:09 8 Сніжна Королева 3:41 9 Царівна–жаба 4:32 10 Гогі Гоген 6:19 11 Дуля 2:42 12 П’яна Свиня 3:02 13 Дзеркало 3:03 14 Кураре Конкуренту 3:24 15 Уругвай 3:35 16 Криниченька 2:35 17 Она 2:43 18 Звездный Танец 2:32 19 Магнитофон 2:09 20 Падло 2:31   ..
899.00 грн.
Kurs Valut - KURS VALUT
1 Kurs Valüt 2 Rozklad Ruhu 3 Ranok 4 Superintendant 5 Paket Reform 6 Nadra 7 Instrument 8 Karantin 9 Lezo 10 Hvoyda 11 Chas 12 Rivnovaga   ..
900.00 грн.
Abba - Voyage (Limited Edition) (Black Vinyl)
1. I Still Have Faith In You   2. When You Danced With Me   3. Little Things   4. Dont Shut Me Down   5. Just A Notion   6. I Can Be That Woman   7. Keep An Eye On Dan   8. Bumble Bee   9. No Doubt About It   10. Ode To Freedom ..
1089.00 грн.
Krokus - Hoodoo (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition) (Black & Gold Marbled Vinyl)
989.00 грн.
Krokus - Dirty Dynamite (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition) (Transparent Red Vinyl) 2 LP
1189.00 грн.
The Beatles - Let It Be (180g) (HalfSpeed Mastering)
A1. Two Of Us A2. Dig A Pony A3. Across The Universe A4. I Me Mine A5. Dig It A6. Let It Be A7. Maggie Mae   B1. I've Got A Feeling B2. One After 909 B3. The Long And Winding Road B4. For You Blue B5. Get Back ..
1290.00 грн.
Joe Bonamassa - Time Clocks (180g) (Limited Edition) (Black Vinyl) 2 LP
SIDE A   Pilgrimage Notches The Heart That Never Waits SIDE B   Time Clocks Questions And Answers Mind’s Eye SIDE C   Curtain Call The Loyal Kind SIDE D   Hanging On A Loser Known Unknown ..
1190.00 грн.
Morcheeba - The Antidote (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition) (Translucent Red Vinyl)
Wonders Never Cease 4:13 Ten Men 4:15 Everybody Loves A Loser 4:34 Like A Military Coup 3:18 Living Hell 5:52 People Carrier 4:21 Lighten Up 4:16 Daylight Robbery 4:48 Antidote 6:20 God Bless And Goodbye 4:24   ..
989.00 грн.
Ed Sheeran - Equals (=)
A1. Tides A2. Shivers A3. First Times A4. Bad Habits A5. Overpass Graffiti A6. The Joker And The Queen A7. Leave Your Life   B1. Collide B2. 2step B3. Stop The Rain B4. Love In Slow Motion B5. Visiting Hours B6. Sandman B7. Be Right Now   ..
879.00 грн.
Genesis - The Last Domino? (Limited Edition) 4 LP
1 Dukes end 2 Turn it on again 3 Mama 4 Land of confusion 5 Home by the sea 6 Second home by the sea 7 Fading lights 1 The cinema show 2 Afterglow 3 Hold on my heart 4 Jesus he knows me 5 That's all 6 The lamb lies down on broadway 7 In too deep 8 Follow you follow me 1 Duchess 2 No son of mine 3 Firth of fifth 4 I know what i like 5 Domino medley 6 Throwing it all away 1 Tonight, tonight, tonight 2 Invisible touch 3 I cant dance 4 Dancing with the moonlight knight 5 Carpet crawlers 6 Abacab ..
3590.00 грн.
Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears
1. Mr. Tinkertrain 2. I Don't Want To Change The World 3. Mama, I'm Coming Home 4. Desire 5. No More Tears 6. S.I.N. 7. Hellraiser 8. Time After Time 9. Zombie Stomp 10. A.V.H. 11. Road To Nowhere ..
1189.00 грн.
Ludovico Einaudi - Cinema
A1. Experience A2. Golden Butterflies - Day 1 A3. Berlin Song A4. Love Is A Mystery A5. Main Theme From The Third Murder   B1. My Journey B2. The Water Diviner B3. Petricor B4. Fly   C1. Time Lapse C2. Walk C3. Cold Wind Var 1 - Day 1 C4. Ascolta C5. Fuori Dal Mondo   D1. Due Tramonti D2. Run D3. Le Onde D4. L'origine Nascosta D5. White Night ..
1490.00 грн.
Selena Gomez - Revelacion
1. De Una Vez 2. Buscando Amor 3. Baila Conmigo 4. Dámelo To' (feat. Myke Towers) 5. Vicio 6. Adiós 7. Selfish Love (with DJ Snake) ..
879.00 грн.
Justin Bieber - Justice
A1. 2 Much A2. Deserve You A3. As I Am feat. Khalid A4. Off My Face   B1. Holy feat. Chance The Rapper B2. Unstable feat. The Kid LAROI B3. MLK Interlude B4. Die For You feat. Dominic Fike   C1. Hold On C2. Somebody C3. Ghost C4. Peaches feat. Daniel Caesar and Giveon   D1. Love You Different feat. BEAM D2. Loved By You feat. Burna Boy D3. Anyone D4. Lonely w/benny blanco D5. Angles Speak ..
1189.00 грн.
Slaves - Take Control (Limited Edition)
A1. Spit it Out A2. Hypnotised A3. Consume Or Be Consumed A4. Take Control A5. Mr Industry (Skit) A6. Rich Man A7. Play Dead A8. Lies   B1. Fuck The Hi-Hat B2. Gary (Skit) B3. People That You Meet B4. Steer Clear B5. Cold Hard Floor B6. STD'S/PHD'S B7. Angelica B8. Same Again ..
1589.00 грн.
IAMX – Metanoia
A1 No Maker Made Me 3:48 A2 Happiness 3:47 A3 North Star 4:46 A4 Say Hello Melancholia 4:37 A5 The Background Noise 3:38 B1 Insomnia 4:38 B2 Look Outside 3:15 B3 Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me 3:11 B4 Aphrodisiac 4:07 B5 Surrender 3:40 B6 Wildest Wind ..
989.00 грн.
Moby - Reprise (Limited Edition, Grey Vinyl)
A1. Everloving A2. Natural Blues A3. Go A4. Porcelain   B1. Extreme Ways B2. Heroes B3. God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters   C1. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? C2. The Lonely Night C3. We Are All Made Of Stars   D1. Lift Me Up D2. The Great Escape D3. Almost Home D4. The Last Day   ..
1589.00 грн.
Soundtrack - Guardians of the Galaxy 1 (Pictured Disc)
A1. Blue Swede – Hooked On A Feeling  A2. Raspberries – Go All The Way  A3. Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky  A4. David Bowie – Moonage Daydream  A5. Elvin Bishop – Fooled Around And Fell In Love  A6. The Jackson 5 – I Want You Back    B1. 10cc – I'm Not In Love  B1. Redbone – Come And Get Your Love  B3. The Runaways – Cherry Bomb  B4. Rupert Holmes – Escape (The Piña Colada Song)  B5. Five Stairsteps – O•O•H Child  B6. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Ain't No Mountain High Enough ..
989.00 грн.
Eric Clapton - MTV Unplugged
A1. Signe A2. Before You Accuse Me A3. Hey Hey A4. Tears In Heaven   B1. Lonely Stranger B2. Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out B3. Layla B4. Running On Faith   C1. Walkin' Blues C2. Alberta C3. San Francisco Bay Blues   D1. Malted Milk D2. Old Love D3. Rollin' And Tumblin' ..
1389.00 грн.
Twenty One Pilots - Location Sessions
A1. Chlorine (Mexico City) A2. Cut My Lip (Brooklyn)   B1. The Hype (Berlin) B2. Level Of Concern (Live From Outside) ..
1089.00 грн.
Мумий Тролль - На Концерте Мумий Тролль 17-18/12/1998
A1. Интро (На Яды) A2. Кот Кота A3. Инопланетный Гость A4. В Думах О Девушке Из ГЦП КНР A5. Ранетка   B1. Воспитанник Упавшей Звезды B2. Ложись, Подполковник! B3. Сиамские Сердца B4. Не Звезда   C1. Скорость C2. Девочка C3. Черная дыра C4. Блудливые Коты   D1. Дельфины D2. Делай Ю-Ю D3. С Новым Годом, Крошка! ..
1900.00 грн.

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