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Pink Floyd - The Endless River
Pink Floyd - The Endless River
Срок доставки от 14 до 21 дня..

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon (remastered)
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon (remastered)
СУПЕР, офигенный магазин. Быстрая обратная связь и доставка. Винил шикарен, тут ..

Nirvana - Nevermind
Nirvana - Nevermind
Очень большая редкость нынче. Жду переиздания...

Lana Del Ray - Born to die
Lana Del Ray - Born to die
Прекраснейший альбом. Lana молодец очень...

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine
Depeche Mode - Delta Machine
Обожаю. Самый любимый альбом, а на винилке звучик +100 круче...




Блюз (от англ. Blues или Blue Devils — тоска, печаль) — музыкальная форма и музыкальный жанр, зародившиеся в конце XIX века в афроамериканском сообществе Юго-востока США, в среде выходцев с плантаций «Хлопкового пояса». Является (наряду с рэгтаймом, ранним джазом, хип-хопом и др.) одним из наиболее влиятельных вкладов афроамериканцев в мировую музыкальную культуру[источник не указан 102 дня]. Впервые термин использовал Джордж Колман в одноактном фарсе «Blue Devils» (1798). С тех пор в литературных произведениях фразу англ. «Blue Devils» часто используют для описания подавленного настроения. Блюз сложился из таких её проявлений, как «рабочая песня», холлер (ритмичные выкрики, сопровождавшие работу в поле), выкрики в ритуалах африканских религиозных культов (англ. (ring) shout), спиричуэлс (христианские песнопения), шант и баллады (короткие стихотворные истории). Во многом повлиял на современную популярную музыку, в особенности таких жанров как «поп», «джаз», «рок-н-ролл» «соул».

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Billy F Gibbons (ZZ Top) - Hardware
1 My Lucky Card 2 She’s On Fire 3 More-More-More 4 Shuffle, Step & Slide 5 Vagabond Man 6 Spanish Fly 7 West Coast Junkie 8 Stackin’ Bones (featuring Larkin Poe) 9 I Was A Highway 10 S-G-L-M-B-B-R 11 Hey Baby, Que Paso 12 Desert High ..
1089.00 грн.
The Black Keys - Delta Kream 2 LP
1 Crawling kingsnake 2 Louise 3 Poor boy a long way from home 4 Stay all night 5 Going down south 6 Coal black mattie 7 Do the romp 8 Sad days, lonely nights 9 Walk with me 10 Mellow peaches 11 Come on and go with me ..
1190.00 грн.
Khruangbin - Late Night Tales (180g) 2 LP
A1. Carlos Santana - Illuminations A2. Brilliantes Del Veulo - I Know That A3. Nazia Hassan - Khushi A4. Kelly Doyle - DRM   B1. Sanulim - Don't Go B2. Maxwell Udoh - I Like It B3. David Marez - Enseñame B4. Gerald Lee - Can You Feel The Love   C1. Justine & The Victorian Punks - Still You C2. George Yanagi C3. Песняры - Зачарованная моя   D1. Khruangbin - Summer Madness (Exclusive Track) D2. Paloma San Basilio - Contigo D3. Roha Band - Yetikimt Abeba D4. Tierney Malone & Geoffrey Muller - Transmission for Jehn: Gnossienne No 1 ..
1589.00 грн.
Khruangbin - Mordechai
1 First Class 2 Time (You And I) 3 Connaissais De Face 4 Father Bird, Mother Bird 5 If There Is No Question 6 Pelota 7 One To Remember 8 Dearest Alfred 9 So We Won't Forget 10 Shida ..
1135.00 грн.
Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - Texas Sun EP Single 12
A1. Texas Sun A2. Midnight   B1. C-Side B2. Conversion ..
789.00 грн.
Morphine - Good 1lp (limited edition)
180 gram audiophile vinyl Deluxe Soft Touch Finished Sleeve Insert Limited edition of 3000 individually numbered copies on white coloured vinyl   SIDE A 1. GOOD 2. THE SADDEST SONG 3. CLAIRE 4. HAVE A LUCKY DAY 5. YOU SPEAK MY LANGUAGE 6. YOU LOOK LIKE RAIN SIDE B 1. DO NOT GO QUIETLY UNTO YOUR GRAVE 2. LISA 3. THE ONLY ONE 4. TEST-TUBE BABY / SHOOT'M DOWN 5. THE OTHER SIDE 6. I KNOW YOU (PART I) 7. I KNOW YOU (PART II) ..
1649.00 грн.
James Brown - Collected 2LP
A1. Please, Please, Please  A2. Try Me  A3. Think  A4. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag A5. I Got You (I Feel Good)  A6. Ain't That A Groove  A7. It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World A8. Cold Sweat  A9. Say It Loud, I'm Black And I'm Proud    B1. Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose  B2. Funky Drummer B3. Brother Rapp B4. Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine B5. Super Bad  B6. Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved B7. Soul Power   C1. Hot Pants (she Got To Use What She Got To Get What She Wants) C2. Make It Funky C3. Talkin' Loud And Saying Nothing C4. King Heroin C5. Get On The Good Foot C6. I Got Ants In My Pants C7. The Payback   D1. Woman  D2. My Thang D3. Get Up Offa That Thing D4. Bodyheat D5. Living In America ..
1389.00 грн.
Joe Bonamassa - Royal Tea (180g) (Limited Edition) (Transparent Vinyl) 2 LP
1 When One Door Opens 2 Royal Tea 3 Why Does It Take So Long To Say Goodbye 4 Lookout Man 1 High Class Girl 2 A Conversation With Alice 3 I Didn't Think She Would Do It 4 Beyond The Silence 5 Lonely Boy 6 Savannah ..
1089.00 грн.
Tom Petty - Wildflowers & All The Rest 3 LP
1 Wildflowers 2 You don't know how it feels 3 Time to move on 4 You wreck me 5 It's good to be king 6 Only a broken heart 7 Honey bee 8 Don't fade on me 1 Hard on me 2 Cabin down below 3 To find a friend 4 A higher place 5 House in the woods 6 Crawling back to you 7 Wake up time 1 Something could happen 2 Leave virginia alone 3 Climb that hill blues 4 Confusion wheel 5 California 6 Harry green 7 Hope you never 8 Somewhere under heaven 9 Climb that hill 10 Hung up and overdue ..
1789.00 грн.
Eric Clapton & B.B. King - Riding With The King (20th Anniversary Expanded Edition) (remastered) (180g) 2 LP
A1. Riding With The King A2. Ten Long Years A3. Key To The Highway   B1. Marry You B2. Three O'Clock Blues B3. Help The Poor   C1. I Wanna Be C2. Worried Life Blues C3. Days Of Old   D1. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer D2. Hold On I'm Coming D3. Come Rain Or Come Shine   ..
1189.00 грн.
Clearaudio - 40 Years Excellence Edition 2LP
Выпущенный к сорокалетнему юбилею немецкой компании Clearaudio двойной диск 40 Years Excellence Edition содержит подборку разнообразных музыкальных композиций, призванных максимально выявить возможности звуковоспроизведения фирменных проигрывателей. Для записи винила применялась технология Direct Metal Mastercut, при которой на металлический мастер-диск производится прямая запись аналогового сигнала. В качестве носителя звука используется 180-граммовый чистый винил (Virgin Vinyl).   Треклист: A1: Charly Antolini- Jammin' A2: Cameron Carpenter- Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 A3: Yelena Eckemoff- Mommy's Shawl A4: Brenda Navarrete- Mulata Linda B1: Reg Meuross- England Green & England Grey B2: Wolfgang Bernreuther's New Experience*- Stormy Weather B3: Philip Catherine- Transparence B4: Thomas Siffling- Just A Little Song From St. L..
1219.00 грн.
The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang (remastered) (Half Speed LP) 2 LP
A1. Rough Justice A2. Let Me Down Slow A3. It Won't Take Long A4. Rain Fall Down   B1. Streets Of Love B2. Back Of My Hand B3. She Saw Me Coming B4. Biggest Mistake   C1. This Place Is Empty C2. Oh No, Not You Again C3. Dangerous Beauty C4. Laugh, I Nearly Died   D1. Sweet Neo Con D2. Look What The Cat Dragged In D3. Driving Too Fast D4. Infamy ..
1289.00 грн.
The Rolling Stones - Bridges To Babylon (remastered) (Half Speed LP) 2 LP
A1. Flip The Switch A2. Anybody Seen My Baby? A3. Low Down A4. Already Over Me   B1. Gunface B2. You Don't Have To Mean It B3. Out Of Control   C1. Saint Of Me C2. Might As Well Get Juiced C3. Always Suffering   D1. Too Tight D2. Thief In The Night D3. How Can I Stop ..
1259.00 грн.
The Rolling Stones - Voodoo Lounge (remastered) (Half Speed LP) 2 LP
A1. Love Is Strong A2. You Got Me Rocking A3. Sparks Will Fly   B1. The Worst B2. New Faces B3. Moon Is Up B4. Out Of Tears   C1. I Go Wild C2. Brand New Car C3. Sweethearts Together C4. Suck On The Jugular   D1. Blinded By Rainbows D2. Baby Break It Down D3. Thru And Thru D4. Mean Disposition ..
1289.00 грн.
Buddy Guy - Blues Singer (180g) 2 LP
LP1 1. Hard Time Killing Floor 2. Crawlin' Kingsnake 3. Lucy Mae Blues 4. Can't See Baby 5. I Love the Life I Live 6. Louise McGhee   LP2 1. Moanin' and Groanin' 2. Black Cat Blues 3. Bad Life Blues 4. Sally Mae 5. Anna Lee 6. Lonesome Home Blues ..
1189.00 грн.
Buddy Guy - Heavy Love (180g) 2 LP
A1. Heavy Love A2. Midnight Train Featuring Jonny Lang A3. I Got A Problem   B1. I Need You Tonight  B2. Saturday Night Fish Fry B3. Had A Bad Night   C1. Are You Lonely For Me Baby  C2. I Just Want To Make Love To You C3. Did Somebody Make A Fool Out Of You   D1. When The Time Is Right D2. Let Me Show You ..
989.00 грн.
Buddy Guy - Slippin' In (180g)
A1. I Smell Trouble A2. Please Don't Drive Me Away A3. 7-11 A4. Shame, Shame, Shame A5. Love Her With A Feeling A6. Little Dab-a-doo   B1. Someone Else Is Steppin' In (slippin' Out, Slippin' In) B2. Trouble Blues B3. Man Of Many Words B4. Don't Tell Me About The Blues B5. Cities Need Help ..
789.00 грн.
Leonard Cohen - Thanks For The Dance (180g)
A1. Happens to the Heart A2. Moving On A3. The Night of Santiago A4. Thanks for the Dance   B1. It's Torn B2. The Goal B3. Puppets B4. The Hills B5. Listen to the Hummingbird ..
989.00 грн.
Billy F Gibbons (ZZ Top) - Perfectamundo
1 Got Love If You Want It 2 Treat Her Right 3 You're What's Happenin', Baby 4 Sal Y Pimiento 5 Pickin' Up Chicks On Dowling Street 6 Hombre Sin Nombre 7 Quiero Mas Dinero 8 Baby Please Don't Go 9 Piedras Negras 10 Perfectamundo 11 Q-Vo ..
889.00 грн.
B.B. King - Live In Cook County Jail (180g)
1 Introductions (Live In Cook County Jail/1970) 2 Every Day I Have The Blues (Live In Cook County Jail/1970) 3 How Blue Can You Get? (Live At Cook County Jail, Chicago/1970) 4 Worry, Worry, Worry (Live At Cook County Jail, Chicago/1970) 5 Medley: 3 O'Clock Blues/Darlin' You Know I Love You (Live In Cook County Jail/1970) 6 Sweet Sixteen (Live In Cook County Jail/1970) 7 The Thrill Is Gone (Live At Cook County Jail/1970) 8 Please Accept My Love (Live In Cook County Jail/1970) ..
889.00 грн.
B.B. King - Live At The Regal 1964
Every Day I Have The Blues 2:27 Sweet Little Angel 4:15 It's My Own Fault 3:25 How Blue Can You Get 3:00 Please Love Me 2:55 You Upset Me Baby 2:20 Worry, Worry 6:21 Woke Up This Mornin' 1:42 You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now 4:10 Help The Poor 2:35 ..
889.00 грн.
Santana - Africa Speaks 2 LP
1. Africa Speaks 2. Batonga 3. Oye Este Mi Canto 4. Yo Me Lo Merezco 5. Blue Skies 6. Paraísos Quemados 7. Breaking Down The Door 8. Los Invisibles 9. Luna Hechicera 10. Bembele 11. Candombe Cumbele   ..
989.00 грн.
The Raconteurs - Help Us Stranger
  A1. Bored and Razed  A2. Help Me Stranger  A3. Only Child  A4. Don't Bother Me  A5. Shine the Light On Me  A6. Somedays (I Don't Feel Like Trying)    B1. Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness) B2. Sunday Driver  B3. Now That You're Gone  B4. Live a Lie  B5. What's Yours is Mine  B6. Thoughts and Prayers ..
1169.00 грн.
The Black Keys - "Let's Rock"
A1. Shine A Little Light   A2. Eagle Birds A3. Lo/Hi A4. Walk Across The Water A5. Tell Me Lies A6. Every Little Thing   B1. Get Yourself Together B2. Sit Around And Miss You B3. Go B4. Breaking Down B5. Under The Gun B6. Fire Walk With Me  ..
969.00 грн.
The Rolling Stones - Honk (Greatest hits) 3 LP
1 Start me up 2 Brown sugar 3 Rocks off 4 Miss you 5 Tumbling dice 6 Just your fool 7 Wild horses 8 Fool to cry 9 Angie 10 Beast of burden 11 Hot stuff 12 It's only rock 'n' roll 1 Rock and a hard place 2 Doom and gloom 3 Love is strong 4 Mixed emotions 5 Don't stop 6 Ride 'em on down 7 Bitch 8 Harlem shuffle 9 Hate to see you go 10 Rough justice 11 Happy 12 Doo doo doo doo doo 13 One more shot 1 Respectable 2 You got me rocking 3 Rain fall down 4 Dancing with Mr D 5 Undercover 6 Emotional rescue 7 Waiting on a friend 8 Saint of me 9 Out of control 10 Streets of love 11 Out of tears ..
1599.00 грн.
John Mayall - Nobody Told Me
1 What have i done wrong (featuring joe bonamassa) 2 The moon is full (featuring larry mccray) 3 Evil and here to stay (featuring alex lifeson) 4 That's what love will make you do (featuring todd rundgren) 5 Distant lonesome train (featuring carolyn wonderland) 6 Delta hurricane (featuring joe bonamassa) 7 The hurt inside (featuring larry mccray) 8 It's so tough (featuring steven van zandt) 9 Like it like you do (featuring carolyn wonderland) 10 Nobody told me (featuring carolyn wonderland) ..
1190.00 грн.
Bill Wyman - Back To Basics (180g)
1 What & How & If & When & Why 2 I Lost My Ring 3 Love, Love, Love 4 Stuff (Can't Get Enough) 5 Running Back To You 6 She's Wonderful 7 Seventeen 8 I'll Pull You Through 9 November 10 Just A Friend Of Mine 11 It's A Lovely Day 12 I Got Time ..
789.00 грн.
Keith Richards - Talk Is Cheap (30th Anniversary Edition) (180g)
1LP – 180g Vinyl:    - 30th Anniversary Edition 180g Black Vinyl    - Features the singles »Take It So Hard«, »Struggle«, & »You Don’t Move Me«    - Remastered by original producer Steve Jordan ..
890.00 грн.
Blues Company - Ain't Nothing But ... (180g) (Limited-Edition) 2 LP
LABEL: INAKOUSTIK  *** Gatefold Cover * DMM - Direct Metal Mastering   1My Guitar And Me 2The Blues Been Good To Me 3Ol What's Her Name 4Bad Decision 5If I Only Could 6The Mirror 7Keep On Singin' The Blues 8Plastic People   1Mr. TNT 2You Drive Me Crazy 3No Idea 4Drivin' Through Texas 5(I'm Just An) Old Blues Singer 6Things Won't Be The Same 7Till The Lights Go Out ..
989.00 грн.
Eric Clapton - Happy Xmas (45 RPM) 2 LP
1White Xmas 2Away In A Manger (Once In Royal David's City) 3For Love On Xmas Day 4Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday 5Xmas Tears 6Home For The Holidays 7Jingle Bells   1Xmas In My Hometown 2It's Xmas 3Sentimental Moments 4Lonesome Xmas 5Silent Night 6Merry Xmas Baby 7Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas ..
989.00 грн.
Mark Knopfler - Down The Road Wherever 2 LP
1Side 1: Trapper Man 2Back On The Dance Floor 3Nobody’s Child 4Side 2: Nobody Does That 5Good On You Son 6Floating Away   1Side 3: One Song At A Time 2Heavy Up 3Slow Learner 4Side 4: Just A Boy Away From Home 5My Bacon Roll 6When You Leave 7Matchstick Man ..
1099.00 грн.

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